What's in your man drawer? Must see comedy.

We had enough batteries in our ‘man’ drawer to power a small city. But, oddly, not enough to power all of the light bulbs in there.

We’d have to blow every light bulb in the house all at once, three times over, to use up all the ‘spares’ we had sitting in that thing.

But that’s what it’s for. Those ‘you never know when zombies will attack and you’ll need several yards of bailing twine, four pens and a ruler’ type situations. British comedian Michael McIntyre hilariously explains the ‘man drawer’ phenomenon. Seriously, you’ll love this:

It should be noted the man drawer isn’t just for men. It just started out that way. A draw of odds and ends passed down from our fathers like the gift of language and swear words. But we all have a man drawer. Just in case. Ours was presided over by my mother, a single mum, who was constantly worried we’d be broken into by hoodlums made of wood. Woodlums. Or something.

Hence the 56 boxes of matches and lighters. None of us smoked, and we certainly weren’t planning on staging a birthday party for anybody older than 50 who might need a coordinated candle lighting effort on such a large scale.

Screws? In the man drawer. Of all persuasions. Carefully collected over years but with no apparent origin. Or use.

What’s in your man drawer? Who guards yours, and stocks it?

We found this video thanks to the hilarious Bern Morley. The lady has taste!

Oh, and if you have yours handy, take a picture and show us in the comments!

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