Em Rusciano was left crying under her desk after a "nightmare" week.

Breaking point.

It’s a moment just as likely to catch us off guard as it is to give four weeks notice and an iCal reminder.

It can happen in the car, at work and even in the dairy aisle.

Comedian and radio presenter Em Rusciano has this week described meeting her breaking point and crawling under a desk in tears.

“Last Friday all the wheels feel off the rickety wagon, which resulted in me writing an overly emotional Facebook status and then discreetly crawling under a table at the radio station and delicately crying in my active wear,” she said.

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The open and honest reveal was published on her website on Monday after a tumultuous few months.

“I’ve been teetering on the brink of burnout for a few months now,” she said.

Rusciano shared how the last straw came from her daughter’s school who called to say she had forgotten to pack her daughter’s lunch.


“The school called to tell me she was hungry. I felt inside-out terrible over that,” she said.

“I had images of her sitting sadly, wearing nothing but rags, watching the other kids eat their delicious sandwiches and teensy packets of twisties and my heart became itchy and raw.”

The call came in the same week the comedian had stumbled upon a particularly cruel headline.

“The reason I’d hit out-of-control was because the website I write a weekly column for chose to use an unkind clickbait headline about me. It triggered a tidal wave of past hurt,” she said.

The headline read: “Em Rusciano is a nightmare to work with” and detailed the comments made by Darren McMullen from The Big Music Quiz.

McMullen allegedly joked to news.com.au the comedian was a “nightmare” during her appearances.

“She was a nightmare (laughs). She just went on the most bizarre tangents and we were like, ‘Em, it’s a family show, this is never going to make it to air!’” he said.

Rusciano said even if the comments were meant in jest they still managed to trigger a whole host of past issues.

“I was instantly taken back to a place where I was 25, in a meeting with my boss and being told that I was impossible to work with and made everyone around me unhappy,” she said.

The blog ended on a much happier note. Em says she’s realised she is at her strongest when working alone on her own terms.

“I’ve always been at my best when I can own my own content and be myself, unapologetically,” she said.

“Today I feel back in control and my anxiety levels are at a manageable level once again.”

There are many many women out there today who can completely understand how she feels.

Go well, Em.

Feature image via Instagram @emrusciano.

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