'I've been colouring my own hair for years. Here are 12 rules I swear by.'

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I have been experimenting with my hair colour since I was 14. 

From red streaks to green ends, platinum blonde to covering my greys. Hair colour is a great way to express ourselves, and I've always leaned into mixing it up to do just that. 

The explosion of products we have at our fingertips to achieve salon-quality hair from home has never been better. Colouring your hair from home can be such a cost-effective way to achieve great results while never leaving the house (and for me, not getting out of my slippers). 

But like with any beauty activity, there are rules to know, of course, that help you achieve that "just stepped out of a salon" hair you want.

Here are the 12 rules I've sworn by when colouring my hair at home.

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1. Be honest with yourself.

Being honest with what you can achieve is a handy spot to start, and that extends to being realistic with your hair goals based on where your hair is currently at.

If you've been colouring your hair blue-black for a while, I am here to tell you that the platinum blonde... will not work on your hair first go. It's time to consult your hair professional on that one!

But in saying that, topping up your new blonde roots, or trying a fresh colour near your existing hair colour, can definitely be achieved with your pick of a high quality at-home hair colour. I can recommend Solfine's Crema Colour collection from Priceline as a savey product that actually delivers. 

At around $13.99 a box, it's formulated with active ingredients based on coconut oil, so you just *know* it's going to leave your hair all soft and glossy.

The Crema Colour options give you the professional element of hair colour with the at-home convenience, and it does the job very nicely at covering those greys. And definitely guarantees the complete respect of both scalp and hair.

2. Choose the level of coverage for what you need.

If you're here to hide those pesky greys (I'm right there with you), always, always use a permanent hair colour. I use Solfine's Crema Colour 3N Dark Chestnut and it covers up greys like they never happened. 


Permanent hair colour deposits colour inside the cortex. Which, in basic terms, gets right in your hair strands which make the colour stay put until it grows out, so a semi-permanent is not your friend for grey hair.

SOLFINE CREMA COLOUR 3N Dark Chestnut 65 mL. Image: Priceline.


3. Buy two boxes of hair colour (and don't forget the developer). 

Seriously! There is nothing worse than running out midway. I usually use one box (which is one Solfine tube) and some of a second one, as my hair is so thick. It's one of those situations where you might make the error once in not having enough product... but you'll NEVER forget after that. 

If you end up with hair colour left, you can always keep it for next time. Plus, another handy tip: remember to buy the correct Solfine Developer strength for your hair, which is mixed with all shades of Crema colour. This helps strengthen the saturation for your hair at the same time.

4. Don't wash your hair for two days before.

Remember: our scalp's natural oils help to act as a barrier to any irritation. It also means your hair is dry to the bone, and putting hair colour on wet hair is a no-no. 

5. Make sure you're wearing clothing that's easy to remove. 

And ideally, not care if a little bit of hair colour slips onto it! You could have the steady hands of a surgeon, and sometimes hair colour is just wanting to fall onto your shoulders or down your back anyway. 

I remember being so naive in my early days of home hair colouring and wearing things that I would wear out; now, an old breastfeeding jumper with zips on the side gives me ample space to get my big head out. 

Wear an old shirt with buttons or go nude (an old dressing gown in winter is also my favourite). Speaking of stains, opt for a colour that doesn’t stain your skin. (just saying: Solfine’s Crema Colour range doesn’t stain your scalp! So no smothering your face with Vaseline needed. Score.)


6. Read the instructions.

I know, I know... an obvious and tedious rule, but it's good to have the instructions down pat before touching your hair for the best salon-quality results when doing so yourself. Basic things like the mixing ratio, timings and how to remove it – very important to know (and get right!).

7. Strand test.

This is important to check for skin reactions, and also to triple check what type of colour you'll be getting from your results. Better safe than sorry on both important fronts! Also, your existing hair colour and past colouring history will have an impact on how your end result appears to, so something to keep top of mind.

8. Prepare like a surgeon! Or… like a hairdresser. 

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Get out those tools. Don't feel like an imposter getting out a bowl and a brush. You have my permission to have fun with this. Brush through your hair beforehand, especially if you have product residue; section your hair using clips (more on this below!), and brush on the hair colour, just like you've seen the pros do it. 

Prep is most definitely key, so you're not rummaging through cupboard mid hair-colour. Make sure you get everything within arm's reach and ready to complete the job from start to finish, with no (well, minimal if kids are around!) interruptions. 

9. Section. That. Hair.

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Now *this* deserves it's own rule. It's so easy to blob and run the product through your hair, but if you section your hair well, this most certainly helps you achieve the beautiful results you're after. Create a middle part that goes right to the nape of your neck, and split the hair into four sections, two beside your ears and two at the back of your head.

This applies to just covering greys as well!

Another handy tip: If it’s the first time your hair has ever been coloured and you’re going lighter, know that the natural heat from your head can make the hair colour develop a touch faster (the more you know!). So,  to avoid uneven or lighter roots, apply the hair colour about one centimetre away from your scalp and work the hair colour towards the ends. 

Then, a quarter of the way through processing time, go back and touch up the roots. Natural non-coloured hair will take the hair colour product quicker, as well.

If you’re doing a root touch-up and want to freshen up the ends, know that if you put colour on previously coloured hair, it will go darker. S, to avoid this, apply the colour to the roots only and spray the ends of your hair with a water spray before applying colour to them for the last 5 to 10 minutes (before washing out!).    


These golden rules will definitely help you get the best out of your hair colour.

10. Make sure you use a quality conditioner to help lock in your hair colour.

I like to pair my new at-home hair colour and my conditioner, so I make sure I'm doing the best I can to prolong those long-lasting colour results (and keep my hair's beautiful shiny, soft finish). Grabbing a conditioner tailored to coloured hair too means it's formulated to seal the cuticle of your hair and lock in that beautiful new colour of yours.

11. Protect your hair with heat-protective styling products.

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THIS rule. It's something you hear people say, and have probably even fobbed off before.. but when I say it's actually something you should do for your hair, believe me! Heat styling can cause hair colour to fade quicker, so always use a thermal spray or leave-in protectant, so your hair stays the beautiful colour you worked so hard on for as long as possible.


I cannot tell you how many times I stupidly threw out the box or tube that had on it the exact hair colour name/colour code I ADORED, then proceed to sit in the aisles of Priceline trying to remember what colour I'd once bought. 

It's too sad to have that happen, so keep a cut out of the box name and keep it somewhere safe, so you will never get mixed up by purchasing the wrong colour you loved last time!

Honestly, follow these rules and you will be on your way to people stopping you at the shops and asking you who your colourist is!

What are your home hair colouring rules you actually swear by? Tell us below in the comments.

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