Colour me a rainbow.

Who knew y’all could get more frothed up about an unexpected CHANGE in the colour of the Mamamia masthead* than, say, a father and daughter hooking up and having babies? Or a pregnant man?

Well, I listened to what you said and I thought it might be a bit of wacky fun if we had a week of different coloured mastheads and you could be hugely vocal about them in comments. Starting today. Starting now.
Then I shall attempt to sort through the detritus and see if we have a winner. Or go back to blue.
Shall we all hold hands, chant a bit and embrace some CRAZY change? Go on………

*In case you blinked and missed it, for a minute there last week, I
recklessly decided to change the colour from blue to green – admittedly
rather bright bordering on flouro – and the reception was not hunky
dory. So I changed it back. Because I neeeeed approval.

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