The next big thing in baking: Colour-changing cakes.

It was the debate that plagued dinner tables and office cubicles for a good week in 2015: blue and black or white and gold?

Yes, we’re talking about “the dress”. (#teamwhiteandgold).

“The dress”.

Now, as we enter 2016, we have found the dress of baked goods which will leave you wondering “what colour is it really?”

Behold, the colour-changing cake:

Yep, totally trippy.

Youtube account, CharlotteSometimes uploaded the video (sans instructions) where the cake appears to change colours as it turns.

The changing colour is due to a nifty icing technique Reddit users describe as similar to moving image toys.

So, what colour is it really?

Light blue and pink butterfly illustration. You click, we help. Shooting star illustration.

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