MKR Judge, Colin Fassnidge's daughters have been threatened in the vilest way on Twitter.

The police reaction was not good enough.

My Kitchen Rules Chef, Colin Fassnidge has had a scary encounter in the online world. When he tried to go to police about it though, he was shocked to find out there wasn’t a lot they could do.

While we don’t know what the tweet said exactly – the fact it was inappropriate toward his children and was enough to make us sick to our stomachs.

“I had a guy say he would babysit my kids in a roundabout way and I went to the police and asked what they were going to do about it,” Fassnidge told news.com.au.

Colin Fassnidge's two daughters. Image via @cfassnidge Instagram.

The Irishman admitted that he was really shocked when he went to the police and found out they were powerless. He told the police that an inappropriate tweet about his four and five-year-old daughters had him very concerned. But it wasn't until he took the officer's name down that he got an acceptable response.

The police initially dismissed it because the tweet hadn't specifically said that the man was going to molest them, hence there wasn't any action they could take. But Fassnidge told the police if he ever found the man he would harm him.

“They (the police) looked in to it, but basically you have to find the person and where they are.” Fassnidge told news.com.au.

His daughters Lily, 5 and Maeve, 4. Image via @cfassnidge Instagram.

Apparently the father said it would've been different if it was Tony Abbott who received the same tweet about his two daughters. They would've paid the man a visit then.

The police allegedly admitted to Fassnidge that the law was far behind the many sick people who were online.

“You can slag me off for being the worst cook in the world, my restaurants are shit and you hate my hair, but leave my kids and the contestants out of it,” he told the news site.

When police say they can't help, surely there is a way that they can track these people down. Because no adult and especially no child should ever be subject to this sort of abuse from someone hiding behind a computer screen.

What do you think of social media trolls?

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