A serial complaining diner has made MKR judge Colin Fassnidge furious.

Celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge isn’t one to hold back when it comes to dishing out criticism to the contestants on My Kitchen Rules. So it’s not surprising that he has launched an epic take down of a diner who complained about the food served in one of his restaurants.

Fassnidge took to Facebook to respond to a diner by the name of ‘Mike’, who suggested the food in one of his restaurants was worse than that served up by amateur cooks on My Kitchen Rules.

Colin Fassnidge. (Via Instagram)

The Irish chef wrote, "Thanks Mike for the feedback, on how sh*t your meal was in the bar, only 3rd week in a row!!! And it's because I was off and how it would have been better if I was there and how you marked each dish out of 10 like TV (freak)."

"The thing is Mike I have two restaurants, a family hence I can't be there all the time, also I stand 100% behind all my hard working staff," the message continued.

The post made by Colin. (Image via Instagram)

That's when Fassnidge took it up a notch, telling 'Mike' exactly where to go.

"So if in three times on three visits you don't like what we do (or you just like typing) I would as as nice as I can... F*ck off up the hill Mike."

The take down was met with much support from his followers.

Do you think the comment Colin made were fair or taking it too far?

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