YES PLEASE: You can now do your weekly Coles shop on eBay and get $49 off.

Thanks to our brand partner, eBay

Grocery shopping with kids can be all kinds of fun.

Ooh how cute, they can help pick the bananas!

Look how clever little Johnny is scooping the baby spinach leaves into a bag! And – how delightful – they can pack all their bargain buys into their own mini shopping trolley, just like yours. It’s all too adorable for words.


Until little hands hold too tightly onto fresh produce.

Until mini trolleys run into the ankles of unsuspecting shoppers.

Until the food at the pointy end of the food pyramid takes precedence over the greens you hoped would fill your basket.

Until it’s witching hour and you have no choice to battle other shoppers with two hungry children wailing that Twisties are a viable dinner option.

If the above scenarios send a shiver up your spine, or you just don’t have the time to go grocery shopping (time, what’s that?) then you might want to know about eBay’s latest offering.

You can now do your weekly Coles shop on eBay and save time and money doing it. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your home, or deal with another supermarket car park traffic jam. Or trolley jam, for that matter.

eBay has partnered with Coles so you can buy fresh and frozen food, and thousands of everyday essentials, including kitchen, beauty, bathroom and other household products, from their website.

There’s a very big incentive to try it out right now: eBay Plus is offering $49 off when you spend $99 and over between October 1 and October 16.

After that, whenever you do your Coles grocery shopping through eBay Plus, you’ll always get 5 per cent off AND double the FlyBuys points.

You know how it takes quite a bit of planning and effort to get to the supermarket? Yeah, don’t do that.

coles on ebay
Just some of the things you can buy online and get double FlyBuys points for. YASSS. Image: Supplied.

Here's how to redeem the offer: sign up to eBay Plus, eBay's exclusive membership program. It costs $49 annually, and gives you exclusive benefits to a huge range of products, special discount codes and offers, free delivery on orders (which is normally $10-$15 extra when bought direct on Coles' website, and the minimum spend is $99) and free returns on all eBay Plus listings.

Shoppers get access to Coles products alongside eBay's massive range of brand-new items from tech to fashion. There are actually more than 40,000 Australian retailers that trade on eBay, including Bunnings, BIG W, Myer and The Good Guys. Who knew?!

Having a look around the Coles section, I was pleased to find weekly shopping specials ready to add to cart, ensuring there’s no missing out on all the bargain buys. Half-price cereal? Check. $1 off Snakes Alive and Kettle Chips? Check. Half-price dog food? UM, YES PLEASE.

So, the kids are in bed, the house is quiet and I’m about to do my major weekly shop.

My week will be free to do as I please – without the shopping tantrums or ‘how did that get in there?’ surprises at the checkout.

*eBay and Coles' $49-off deal is for a limited time only. T&Cs apply. Postcode exclusions apply.


eBay Australia has partnered with Coles to launch a grocery offering available to eBay’s 11-million unique monthly visitors. On Australia’s number 1 online shopping destination,, shoppers can now choose from a wide range of fresh and frozen food, in addition to thousands of everyday essentials across a variety of categories including pantry, beauty and household items.
For a limited time only, eBay is offering consumers a chance to save big on their weekly grocery shop. Exclusive to eBay Plus members, take $49 off your first shop with Coles. Minimum spend is $99.

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