A supermarket just put their hot cross buns out AND EASTER IS 113 DAYS AWAY.

The Christmas ham is still being slicedand unwanted presents are yet to be returned, but some people – ahem, supermarkets – are already thinking ahead to Easter.

As early as Boxing Day (!) hot cross buns were spotted on the shelves of Coles supermarkets in Brisbane and Perth and within days have been popping up around the country.

Yep, to the disbelief of many who still considered the final few days of December to be about squeezing out the last ounces of Christmas cheer and preparing for New Year’s Eve, the hot cross buns are here.

Even though Easter is FOUR MONTHS AWAY.

Labor MP Emma Husar was among those calling out the supermarkets on Twitter for jumping the gun.


Others also vented their frustration.


Not everyone is annoyed, of course. Plenty of people are thrilled that their local supermarket is already stocking the Easter goods.



Others were disappointed – but only that their local store hadn’t begun stocking the baked treats yet.

In a statement to Nine News, Coles assured customers they would be able to get their hands on hot cross buns no matter where they live from Saturday.

Justifying their stocking of the Easter treats, Coles category manager Freddie Hancock said the decision was driven by customer demand.

“We sold millions of hot cross buns in January last year and are rapt to be able to offer our customers some new flavours to enjoy now, and some more to look forward to in 2019.”

What do you think? Should hot cross buns be saved for closer to Easter to preserve their special seasonal charm and significance?