People are getting creative with Coles Little Shop 2 collectables and we can't look away.

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I have gone deep into the world of Coles Little Shop 2 and I have discovered things.

Firstly, there are Facebook groups with THOUSANDS of members, dedicated to swapping the collectables to complete their own collections.

Secondly, the 30 new mini collectables – which include a tiny Moccona jar and the returning itsy-bitsy little Vegemite – are coming to life in ways we couldn’t have predicted.

There’s even a Coles Little Shop 2 app where you can unlock new characters every time you scan a collectable, and they dance for you. It’s gone to number one in the family category of the app store – so clearly I’m not the only person spending hours making little Vegemites like this guy bust a move.

Coles Little Shop
Hey little dude. You're a happy little Vegemite, yeah? Image: Supplied.

But there's one other thing that's even better than these tiny little versions of products (which, as you know, you get by spending $30 at Coles or Coles Express) - it's the amazing things people do with them.

Headpiece? Check. Jewellery? Even the pets are getting involved. Here are some of the best:

Art Simone's Headdress 


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Art Simone Unboxes Series 2 of Coles Little Shop Mini Collectibles!

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Well. Stop everything because my very favourite drag queen on this earth, Art Simone, has once again created artwork from the Little Shop collection. The use of the mini shopping baskets is the coolest thing I have ever seen and I would honestly wear this to work. Maybe I can borrow it?

Butter Piggies


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Is it time to go to @colessupermarkets to get some food?

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Speaking of fantastic use of the mini shopping baskets, here are two adorable guinea pigs who have set up shop (haha) in the Little Shop 2 baskets. Adorable.



Lady Startup Fig & Fletcher turned the Coles Little Shop Vegemite into a sassy pair of earrings and I am contemplating sending my entire collection to her so I can wear mine everywhere.

Mini cake

Pastry chef Kirsten Tibballs made this adorable mini cake to go with the Bulla Little Shop collectables. I personally like my cake to be at least 18 times larger, however I would settle for 18 of those miniature cakes.



This doll named Karen is the most realistic representation of what adulthood looks like I have ever seen. I relate to her on a cellular level. Celebrating new toilet paper is literally something I did last week. The Little Shop collection has become an integral part of the doll world now, with people all over the globe trying to get their hands on the new collection.


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Realistic miniature food

Lady startup and miniature food maker Ellie is the awesome creative behind Instagram account Saturday Lollipop. Ellie makes the miniature food that would go inside the collectables and they look good enough to eat.



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Belle the mini Groodle


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Belle’s humans have set up their Coles Little Shop and she is asking to pay in paw shakes and please Belle just take the entire store, you are too precious.

Luna the Staffy


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Meanwhile, Luna has opened her shop and I am going to visit ASAP for one free pat with every purchase.

Tiny the bird, with his tiny shopping.


   Image: Lisa Jane/Facebook

Tiny by name, but not by personality. Here he is with his weekly shopping and he is obviously having pasta with some bread and I might go to his place for dinner because I also love carbs.

                                                                                                                                                                              Image: Lisa Jane/Facebook

Here is a very important photo of him outside his little grocery store and it's nice to see that he gets his Weet-Bix in so that he can grow up to be Tiny and strong. (WHY IS HE SO CUTE? BUT ALSO, DO BIRDS HAVE TEETH AND IF NO WHY DO YOU HAVE TOOTHPASTE, TINY?)

OK, now I'm feeling inspired to go and put a dog in a drag queen's headdress and make tiny loaves of bread to take artistic flatlays with while wearing Vegemite earrings.

The standard has been set - wish me luck.

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This content was brought to you with thanks to our brand partner, Coles.


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