4-year-old boy dies after shooting himself, just an hour after he was dropped at daycare.

It was a normal Monday morning – Monday the 15th of May, the day after Mother’s Day – when Kyrin Falcetti dropped her four-year-old son Cole off to the baby sitter’s day care in Virginia, USA.

Only an hour later, her world would be torn apart.

She received a phone call that something had happened to Cole. She and Cole’s father Josh arrived at the daycare and it was all horribly, terribly wrong.

“There were cop cars, the ambulances, everyone’s out front, so we knew something bad had happened,” Josh told media.

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No official version of events has been released.

But it’s understood Cole somehow managed to his little hands onto a loaded gun, and shot himself.

“It’s something that they teach for any person that gets a weapon. Keep it secure,” Josh reportedly told NBC Washington.

“There’s no reason a child should be within reach of any type of weapon whatsoever at any point in time.”

A GoFundMe page was set up to help the family arrange the “best (funeral) service a four-year-old can get”.

Coles Falcetti. Image via GoFundMe.

"He loved to play with his sister Caydance and was already very protective of his baby sister Adaline," Kyrin wrote on the fundraising page. "Anytime someone came around he would go over to Adaline, give her a hug and say, 'This is my Adaline. My sister'."

"He had the brightest smile and could light up any dark room. He loved his purple monkey. He would hold its tail and put his thumb in his mouth while holding onto its tail. He loved going for walks and playing outside. He loved to cuddle up with us and watch movies with popcorn."

It tears your heart out.