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Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue: a thing?


Intriguing celebrity coupling alert!

Chris Martin, 38, has been consciously uncoupled from Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, for a while now.

We assume he was fully conscious during his relationship with younger actress Jennifer Lawrence, 24, which may or may not still be happening.

Kylie Minogue, 47, has very consciously dated some extremely attractive and interesting men and is now single after breaking up with Spanish model Andres Velencoso last year.


And now we’ve seen them consciously (unless they were sleepwalking?) taking a romantic stroll together, arm in arm, through summertime London.

Kylie and Chris Martin perform together at a Coldplay concert.


We can’t show you those pictures, because they are super-expensive, super-intrusive paparazzi shots, but believe us, they exist.

Alas, they failed.

The life and loves of Kylie Minogue… Post continues after gallery.

They were spotted and photographed and now the world demands to know if their genitals are touching.

The stroll took place after Minogue’s performance at the British Summer Time Hyde Park concert on the weekend.

Martin’s ex Gwyneth Paltrow posted this pic of him with their daughter Apple to Instagram with the caption “Nothing like father/daughter love. Happy Father’s Day to you, CAJM. Here is to all the engaged and present fathers, you create a backbone for society. We honor you all today ” Image via Instagram.

A representative for the stars told The Sun that Minogue and Martin have been friends for years.

“They’ve been close for years and were celebrating Kylie’s Hyde Park gig privately.”

Chris Martin will have a sense of humour about the rumours, if this video is to be believed…

This private celebration took them past London landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Parliament and St James’ Park.

Which makes it a “romantic stroll”, right?  Hope they were conscious for it.