FLUFF: Chris Martin is formally displeased with Channel 7.

Well, this is more awkward than sobbing in the middle of a restaurant when the song ‘Magic’ plays.

(We absolutely haven’t done that, not at all).

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin just made fun of breakfast TV show Sunrise, which airs on Channel 7, while he was on stage performing for The Voice, which is on Channel 9. Yeah, oooph. Bet neither TV station saw it coming.

Martin thanked all the happy fans at Fox Studios last Friday for being “F…ing brilliant for a TV audience.”

And then he said this….

“We filmed for a show called Sunrise today, and there was no one there. We were in a small room and frankly we were shit because of it.”

And the crowd cheered. Presumably because famous beautiful people swearing is one of humanity’s favourite things.

Cue: One million jokes about Chris Martin ‘consciously uncoupling’ from Channel Seven.

Here’s the Sunrise performance Chris was referring to:

Chris Martin and the Coldplay dudes have been in Australia promoting their album, performing on The Voice, and for no discernible reason, filming their latest film clip on King Street in Newtown, Sydney. Where this glorious photograph embodying happiness itself was taken:

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