Osher Günsberg just told us what he really does during The Bachelor cocktail parties.

It’s tough work helping others fall in love. Waiting on that red carpet as beauty after beauty steps out of that limo in a sparkling dress. Coaching the Bachelor to choose the right hot and adventurous, yet sweet and maternal woman for him.

And then with filming lasting well into the early hours of the morning, it’s a looooong night for The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg.

So what does he do while the girls are throwing back champers at the cocktail party? We’ve never spotted him giggling with the girls. Is he lurking in the bushes eating the cheese platter than no one ever touches? He seems to disappears once all the girls have settled in, only to reappear hours later for the rose ceremony.

In the name of journalism and, well, sheer curiosity, The Binge podcast asked Oshie where he’s been hiding during those parties.

Listen to what Osher told The Binge:

“We have a big warehouse of all the old Bachie furniture and I asked the art department if they might be able to put a couch in the room that I get ready in. So I’ve got a season one Tim Robards era bachelor couch in my room,” he says.

“Because I get up very early to do radio, about 4 o’clock, 4.30 every morning, sometimes I have a little nap during the cocktail party.

“I never used to, but sometimes we don’t start those rose ceremonies until after midnight… I’ve gotta get some sleep somewhere.”


He did say, however, that he doesn’t literally live in the mansion.

“I have a wife and a family and I like to be with them as often as possible, so I have a home to go to and I choose to go to it, even though I live an hour away from The Bachelor mansion,” he says.

Well, there’s that mystery solved!

Listen to the full episode of The Binge including our interview with Matty J here:

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