A stepmum's viral photo is solid proof that co-parenting can work.

One stepmum out to prove that co-parenting can work has been met with overwhelming support from the thousands of people who sent her photo viral.

Earlier this month, Emilee Player was at her step-daughter Maelyn’s soccer game in Columbus, Georgia with her husband and the four-year-old girl’s mum and partner.

For many families, this could have been an awkward run-in or even cause for an argument, but not for these two couples, who went above and beyond to show everyone just who Maelyn’s parents are.

(Image via Facebook/Emilee Player)

Emilee captioned the image of herself, Ricky Player (Maelyn’s dad), Clara Cazeau (Maelyn’s mum) and Alex Cazeau (Maelyn’s stepdad), "Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can't work!"

"I KNOW through experience it CAN WORK! Choose to do what's best for your child and everything will just fall into place," she wrote.

While it may not be that easy for all families, many parents have been supportive of the four and the united example they set in raising their child, sharing the image more than 82,000 times.

"Awesome job. Wish all divorced families could/WOULD live this way!" wrote one commenter.

"It's so great to see adults holding it together for their child and creating a beautiful and loving family! So wonderful," said another. 

Others lamented their own circumstances and described how they wish they could find a way to a similar relationship with their exes.


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Emilee told The Huffington Post that the four try to attend most games together, but Alex, who is in the US Army, is often away.

"On a regular day it is the three of us, and we make it a point to sit together and cheer her on as a family," she said.

Emilee told the news website that mum Clara had a friend make up the shirts early into the four-year-old's season as "a fun way to support" her.

Clara added that the four's support of their daughter goes beyond the soccer field.


Alex Cazeau, Clara Cazeau, Maelyn, Ricky Player, Emilee Player and their daughter Everlee. (Image via Facebook/Emilee Player.)

"We do all birthdays together for Maelyn," she told The Huffington Post.

"We also go to each other’s birthday dinners with their own families, we do holidays together, we go to one another’s houses, we are literally always doing things together."

While the four may make co-parenting look easy, Clara clarified it was "work" in her advice to fellow parents.

"Let go of any past feelings you may have and make it work for the sake of the child."

"Stay strong. It is work every single day to keep this going."