15 things clumsy people struggle with every day.

If you’re clumsy, then you know all too well the pain and embarrassment that come from spilling, dropping, falling, or accidentally hurting yourself. It might be funny at first, but it quickly turns into a difficult way to get through life. Here are 15 things clumsy people struggle with every day.

1. Trying not to bump into things.

You’re the person who manages to bang into stuff, knock it over and end up owing more than you could ever afford to pay. This is why you won’t set foot in a store full of fragile and expensive items.

2. The fear of falling every time you wear heels.

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You want to be able to wear cute sky-high shoes too– but sometimes the cost is just too great! Why wear shoes that you know you’ll fall in.

3. You aren’t allowed to eat in the car.

You’re just a little bit messy and things tend to get spilled all over the seats, especially if they are new or have just been cleaned. Therefore; no eating anything in the car.

4. You can’t wear anything white

That is just a disaster waiting to happen. You KNOW you’ll get it dirty, so you avoid that by wearing other colors, preferably dark ones that hide stains.

5. You drop your phone at least once a day.

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Phone companies love how much money they are making off of your inherent clumsiness and the frailty of an iPhone. Maybe you should get a flip phone instead?

6. You’ve fallen down the stairs… but you’ve also fallen up the stairs too.

It happens, ok? This is why I love Jennifer Lawrence so much.

7. You break everything you touch.

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It’s not your fault that things come apart in your hands!

8. You think long and hard before going out clubbing.

You know the possible ramifications that could come from dancing all sweaty in heels until late in the morning while hyped up on alcohol. Nothing good.

9. You have random bruises all over the place– and no idea how they got there.

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The world is a harsh and cruel place.

10. You are the reason that hospitals should give out punch cards.

You know, come in 9 times and your 10th visit is free, kind of thing.

11. You play drop instead of catch.

You can’t be trusted to keep anything in your hands, whether it’s a ball or a glass plate. You’ll inevitably drop and break it.

12. Everything you do is just a safety hazard.

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Seriously, you should have to fill out waivers for anywhere that you go.

13. You’re guaranteed to ruin some part of your outfit.

Thank goodness for dry cleaning?

14. Trying to dance is a dangerous thing.

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Seriously, nobody needs to see that.

15. And yet, you’re still a little bit surprised every time you get hurt.

*I can’t believe this is happening again! What is going on with me today??*

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