Fluff: The cast of Clueless just had the ultimate high school reunion.


It was a movie that defined a generation. Released in 1995, Clueless was a staple of the 90s – where the kids in America received snaps for their courageous fashion efforts, argued their way from a C+ to an A – and just wanted to do something for humanity.

The Los Angeles Film Festival held an ode to Clueless on Tuesday night, where the red carpet saw the ultimate high school reunion. Alicia Silverstone, Stacy Dash, Elisa Donovan (aka: Cher, Dione and Amber), writer/director Amy Heckerling and the lady who brought us that unforgettable yellow plaid suit, stylist Mona May, excited fans with a brief Q&A before the festival screened the cult classic.

Here’s them back in the day:

And here’s some of the cast today:


“I thought I was channelling Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball”, said Silverstone, looking like a total Betty at now 37, “And obviously that wasn’t the case… But I just felt like that! Especially when I pushed [Elton] off [me]”.

As the girls reminisced about fun times on set, one beloved cast member was sadly missing. Brittany Murphy who played the adorably clueless Tai, Cher and Dion’s make-over project with the contagious laugh and eye for loadies who hang on the grassy knoll, a notable absence in the aged line-up.

Additionally, there was a major babe drought, as all the high school boys didn’t join the red carpet entourage. It can be assumed that Scrubs’ Donald Faison (Murray) and lovable comedy king (Paul Rudd) were busy with other Hollywood projects, but what have Travis, Christian and Elton been up to?

Never fear, as it can be suspected that this is only the beginning of the cast reuniting, as next year will see the 20th Anniversary which will hopefully mean…

More dating tips,

More lessons on vocabulary

… and maybe a cheeky game of suck ‘n blow

(Ugh, Elton! As if!)