We’re calling it: we’ve found the best (and easiest) accommodation in Bali.


There’s only one place I’ve ever been where every single person is guaranteed to meet me with a warm smile and a bright hello. That’s Bali. I’ve holidayed there before, mostly for the summer-all-the-time weather and closeness to home.

On my most recent trip, I stayed at Club Med Bali. I’ve never experienced resort-style accommodation before, usually opting for small villa-like retreats, and it’s safe to say I’ve been missing out. From the second I stepped into the resort I was so in love, I didn’t want to leave.

My obsession with Club Med Bali came down to it being an all-inclusive holiday location. That means you don’t have to go far at all to find the experiences and activities you’re after, because they’re all right there in the resort.

Valentina settling right in at Club Med Bali. Image supplied. 

Booking with Club Med removed all of the extra research and guesswork and left me to get down to the most important part: enjoying my holiday. If you’re a parent, there’s the added benefit of kids’ activities around the clock which leaves them entertained and offers you some personal down time.

Like any Aussie, I really enjoy stepping out into the hustle and bustle that is uniquely Bali to do some exploring. Yet sometimes you’re after a bit of relaxation and time to yourself, and that’s exactly what I was provided with in the resort.

Here are some must-do activities if you’re planning a trip to Club Med Bali:

  1. Dine at the Angung Restaurant or The Deck.

One word: Food. So… much… food.

Dinning in the Angung Restaurant was, without a doubt, one of the things I looked forward to the most during my time at Club Med. The Angung offers buffet style dining with lots of different food options, so you get to have a sample of all the local produce.

The Angung Restaurant. Image supplied. 

I got into the habit of trying a different cuisine each day, so by the end of my trip I’d pretty much tried and tasted everything. Eric Lejeune, Chef de Village Club Med Bali, suggests the local dish of Nasi Tumpeng is a must-try. It comes with traditional ceremonial Balinese rice and condiments.

If the day gets away from you and you happen to be dining late, you can enjoy a late breakfast, lunch or dinner at The Deck Restaurant. The dining experience is different to the Angung as it offers a set menu with a number of dishes you can choose from. After selecting your entrée, main and dessert you can sit back and take in the view of the nearby beach and enjoy a few drinks with your meal.

One of the delicious seafood dishes at The Deck. Image supplied. 

  1. Relax by and have a swim at the Zen Pool.

As soon as I laid my eyes on the Zen Pool, I felt immediately relaxed. The water is crystal clear, the temperature is perfect, and it incorporates a spa bath. What more could you ask for?

After you’ve had a dip you can relax with a book on the nearby deck chairs or soak up a bit of sun.


The Zen Pool. Image supplied. 

The Zen Pool offers a towel service so you don’t have to lug a whole lot of things with you from your room. You can also order drinks from the bar and have them delivered to your deck chair. If you’re after some extra relaxation you can lie down in one of the many shaded beds, the perfect spot for an afternoon nap.

  1. Have a massage at the Mandara Spa.

Every time I’m away on holidays I treat myself with a massage, and the service as the Mandara Spa certainly did not disappoint. I opted for a one hour traditional Balinese massage and had a 20 minute complimentary food massage thrown in.

The relaxation starts with a hot towel for your face and a calming ginger tea. You’ll then select your preferred massage oil with the help of a masseuse who will allow you to sample each on your skin, have a smell of the scent and explain the benefits of each.

Mandara Spa. Image supplied. 

The massage room itself is light and wafty and has relaxing music playing in the background. When I put my head through the whole in the massage bed I was greeted with a bowl filled with water and frangipanis floating on its surface.

The masseuse went on to test the pressure of my massage before beginning and, by the end of it, I felt so relaxed my body had turned into jelly. I may have even fallen asleep without even realising (shhh).

  1. Watch one of the evening performances followed by a cocktail.

If there’s one thing that sets Club Med Bali apart, it’s the in-house entertainment. Each night they offer an evening performance, presenting an array of local and international talents.

My favourite show was, without a doubt, the ‘Cirque Sensations’ Circus Show by the Main Pool.

‘Cirque Sensations’ Circus Show. Image supplied. 

The storyline follows a love affair between an Egyptian queen and a common thief and was full of intricate costumes, impressive dancing, skilled trapeze acts and even some flame throwing.

The audience was captivated by every second of the show and the amazing talents of all of the performers. It’s definitely a must-see.

When the show concludes there’s always a nearby party with lots of music and dancing. You can dance into the early hours of the morning at the main bar or on the beach with a few cocktails. You’re guaranteed to have a heap of fun.

  1. Participate in one of the day trips to the Royal Temple of Tanah Lot.

Club Med offers several half-day excursions to local attractions you can participate in at a time of your choosing. I visited the Royal Temple of Tanah Lot and it was definitely one of the best tourist experiences I’ve had in Bali.

The coach was fully air-conditioned and we were supplied with water and a snack on the way out. The tour guide was very informative as well as entertaining. He was happy to answer any questions and provided lots of interesting facts about the local area.


Temple during an excursion. Image supplied. 

Arriving at the Royal Temple of Tanah Lot offered a heap of great photo opportunities. It was a lovely walk along the coast and the temples themselves were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. There were also local suppliers selling unique souvenirs dotted along the path.

I even got to handle a local python, which was an item I’d been wanting to tick of my bucket list for quite a while. The handlers were friendly and explained how to do so in a safe manner. They were happy to answer any questions and provided you with lots of photo opportunities. It was definitely an experience I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Valentina holding a snake during an excursion. Image supplied. 

It’s safe to say when it comes to holidaying, Club Med Bali has thought about every single aspect of a perfect trip so that you don’t have to. All of the staff were incredibly friendly and always happy to help where they could.

I came home feeling extra relaxed and I’ve only been left with one question: When can I go back?

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