12 things only someone with a 'floordrobe' will understand.

As someone who regularly writes fashion content on this site, people often mistake me as someone who maintains a dignified wardrobe space.

Not so. Most of my clothes reside on the floor in a heap.

The heap is known as my ‘floordrobe.’

I figured I wasn’t the only one suffering from this terrible wardrobe affliction, so without further ado, I present you with 12 things only someone with a floordrobe will understand.

1. This is how you get undressed everyday.

2. Your partner/flatmate keeps telling you that you have too many clothes.

3. When that person asks you how many pairs of shoes you actually need:

4. You uncover things you thought you’d sold on eBay… three years ago.

5. You see an open patch carpet so you promptly throw some more clothes at it.

6. You’ve stopped inviting people over because you’re too embarrassed. There comes a point when you think you’ll end up like Edie Beale in Grey Gardens, and you’re okay with that.


7. You definition of ‘putting away clothes’ is shuffling the pile from the floor to your bed and back again.

8. Even though most of your clothes are on the floor, your first port of call every morning is your closet.

9. You can think of 81 excuses not to clean it up, most of them involve doing this:

And this:

10. That moment when you realise you can just buy more vacuum packs to fit more stuff in your closet:

11. You’ve lost track of so many clothes you’re convinced the dry cleaner is stealing your clothes and selling them on eBay.

12. You finally acknowledge you need help, but today is not that day.


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