Style Guide: A brief history of Clive Palmer's interview storm-outs.



Oh Clive Palmer. Clivey. Palmso. Clivey Palm.

The man wears many hats. Leader of the Palmer United Party. Billionaire business man. Builder of the Titanic floating monument of death. Anamatronic dinosaur owner. Lover of golf. Driver of fancy fast cars.

But if there’s any legacy ol’ Clivey will leave us with when his entertaining time on this earth is over, it is that of the ultimate diva storm-out.

Clive Palmer has mastered the art of storming out of interviews and he is building quite the collection of Diva Storm-Outs – the most recent of which was on last night’s episode of Lateline.

Here is that collection, for your Friday perusal. Please, oh please, let there be many more to come.


The “I don’t want to talk to you anymore” storm out.

When: November, 2014

Where: ABC’s Lateline

Who: Lateline host Emma Alberici

Why: Alberici was asking questions about fraud allegations that have been brought against him by a government-owned Chinese investment group.

How he bailed: “Goodnight, goodbye, I don’t want to talk to you any more. See you later.” (SUPER DRAMATIC PULLING OUT OF EARPIECE)




The “Goodbye, see you later” storm out.

When: July, 2014


Where: ABC’s 7:30

Who: 7:30 host Sarah Ferguson

Why: This one was also about those pesky allegations of fraud.

How he bailed: “I’m not answering any more for you. So goodbye, we’ll see you later.” (SUPER DRAMATIC PULLING OUT OF EARPIECE)




The “I can bring a charge against you for being a deadbeat” storm out.

When: August, 2013

Where: ABC Radio

Who: Host Jon Faine

Why: Faine questioned Palmer about past allegations of violence that had been brought against two male candidates in the Palmer United Party.

How he bailed: “If you won’t talk about politics, goodbye.” (SUPER DRAMATIC PHONE HANG UP)



So there you have it. The beginning of what will no doubt some day be a very comprehensive collection.










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