Fake fringes are a thing. And you maybe need one in your life

This weekend we were casually perusing Instagram (as you do) when something caught our eye. It was They All Hate Us’ Tash Sefton. With a fringe. Not just any fringe, mind you – this one was fake. Yes. You read that right. Clip-on fake fringes are totally a thing.

Here’s what Tash had to say about hers:

“We were shooting with Schwarzkopf and their hair styling team suggest me with a fringe. At first I freaked thinking they wanted to cut my hair but said it’s super easy as it’s a hair piece. When they put it on I felt transformed! Like a new person. A chicer (younger) version of me. Elle was with me and begged for one also! I love the idea of the non commitment of the “fake fringe“. 20 minutes later it was out and it was the old me. But everyone since thinks I should do it for real (including my husband and mum).”

Tash was sporting a Headlines Hairpiece ‘Simple Fringe’, which will set you back $49 and is out soon. Headlines also make not-so-simple fringes, starting from $79.20.

Then, we unearthed a cheapie Lady Jayne version for $24.99 from Priceline. Here’s what all the blondes in the office looked like trying it on.

… Not quite as good as Tash Sefton’s, but it was still a fun experiment. What surprised us was how universally younger a fringe can make you look.

This is definitely something we’ll be playing with to road-test a big haircut in the future.

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