Don't believe in climate change? Here are 10 pictures from around the world at the moment.


Over the past month, Australia has experienced an unprecedented bushfire emergency.

“We’ve got areas the size of European­ countries on fire here,” Gaven Muller, acting inspector of Fire and Rescue on the north coast said on Tuesday.

Those on the frontline say they’ve never seen anything like it, and climate scientists from all over the world have confirmed that bushfires are an inevitable, natural response to our world becoming hotter.

But it is not only Australia experiencing extreme weather conditions.

From drought to floods to tsunamis to bushfires, here are 10 images from around the world right now.


1. New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.


In New South Wales 1600 firefighters are trying to contain over 60 bushfires, while there are still 70 fires burning in Queensland. Over 250 homes have already been lost, and four people have died.

2. Venice, Italy.


The Italian government have declared a state of emergency as water levels reached 1.87 metres on Tuesday, the highest in 50 years.

3. California, USA.

Although the Maria Fire took place earlier this month, the blaze forced over 7,500 to evacuate their homes.

4. Jakarta, Indonesia.


An earthquake with a 7.1 magnitude hit the coast of Indonesia on Friday, in the Molucca Sea. There was a tsunami warning issued for North Sulawesi and North Maluku, however, it has since been cancelled.

5. Doncaster, United Kingdom. 


818 properties have been affected by this major flooding across England and a flood warning has been issued.

6. Spain. 


Cities across Spain are bracing for a cold front. Asturias and Leon are expected to receive snow, while Galicia has been hit with over 50 lightning strikes and hail.

7. Bangladesh, India.


Cyclone Bulbul has killed 13 people in Bangladesh. Taking place on Saturday, the cyclone damaged over 5,000 homes.

8. Tonga.

An underwater volcanic eruption in the Tongan sea this week has caused an existing island to disappear underwater, with a new one three times its size, taking its place.

9. Chicago, USA.


Hazardous weather conditions have swept across the city of Chicago. The heaviest landing of snow has been recorded at six inches, and over 1,200 flights have been cancelled.

10. Africa. 


45 million people across 16 African countries will suffer from food and water shortages over the next six months.

11,000 scientists from 153 countries have declared we are in a global climate crisis. It is a fact no longer open for discussion.

The ‘prophecies’ of climate scientists are coming true every day.

As our weather conditions become more severe and more extreme, we have no choice but to make significant changes to how we live.

We can rally and put pressure on our politicians.

We can make sustainable, informed choices, and reduce our carbon footprint.

And we can share these images – evidence that our world is changing before our very eyes.