Tragedy strikes newly engaged couple as woman falls to her death

Megan and Paul




It is a tragic, shocking death.

A woman only 38-years old left dead after falling from a cliff face while camping with her fiancé.

Engaged just two months.

The couple’s tumultuous relationship has now been laid bare with disturbing reports of domestic violence and an AVO sought.

38-year old Megan Moody and her partner Paul Veitch were camping Tuesday night at a popular swimming spot south-west of Sydney near Tahmoor.

Fairfax Media report that the two had set up for the night, bringing supplies with them and bushwalking that afternoon.

They set out around 8.30pm to get water for their billy can when Paul saw Megan slip off a cliff.

36-year old Paul Veith, described as being distraught when he spoke with police, said she lost her footing and fell 25 metres down the cliff.

Camden police Inspector Jayne Doherty told media that while police were looking at all possibilities there was nothing to indicate that her death was anything but a tragic accident.

“They were heading down with a bucket to get some water from the pool. He was walking not far behind her and she went over the edge of the cliff,” Inspector Doherty said.

Mermaid Pools, near Tahmoor.

“He looked out and couldn’t see her, so he climbed down himself,” she said.

Paul desperately tried to resuscitate her but when she did not respond he climbed back to their campsite and called triple-0.

Police Rescue attended the scene 20 minutes later and found Megan Moody dead.

A crime scene was established and her body was carried out about 1am.

The couple had only been engaged a few months.


Paul Veitch who describes himself as a deckhand on a prawn trawler was from Picton in NSW but had been living in Cairns until recently.

While the police say that on Tuesday night there had been no arguments the couple had previously been involved in a domestic violence situation.

News Limited report that in August police were called to the couple’s home after Paul Veitch was stabbed.

Megan Moody was questioned over the assault but not charged.

An apprehended violence order was applied for in Campbelltown Court to protect Paul Veitch. The order, preventing Megan Moody from living with him, assaulting or stalking him.

Paul Veitch was the victim of a stabbing.

A friend told News Limited though that was all in the past.

“That’s the tragedy of it all, they were so happy out camping, having a great time,”

“Things were going well. It’s just a tragic bloody accident. He’s been through a hell of a lot.”

Neighbours said that Veitch in an interesting guy.

“He was an interesting guy. We didn’t talk to each other much and they had the police called to their place quite a few times.”

Police are investigating whether alcohol could have been a factor in her death.

“Just a general warning to people who are attending these sort of areas of a night time – particularly if people are intoxicated,’ Inspector Michael Bright told the ABC.

“There’s no lighting, it’s quite a high area – there’s a lot of cliff face around it and there’s also no mobile service so if something goes wrong it’s an area where you’re not going to get a quick response from emergency services.”

Police will prepare a report for the coroner.