The latest in 'sex sells' advertising: Clever or crass?


We’ve seen the ‘sex sells’ concept used before, on anything from clothes, to perfumes, to music and of course houses.

That’s right. Sexy houses. Wait…what?


Real estate agent Mark Mason has taken sexy advertising to a new level in an ad that showcases a house – but not in the way that you’d expect.

The video depicts Mark holding cards boasting the houses’ selling points, while showcasing scantily clad women participating in activities ranging from pillow fighting in the master bedroom, to seductively blowing bubbles at each other in the bath. Classy.

While the video is angling at the ‘sex sells’ side of things, the written description of the house suggest that it is a place that has a room for every member of the ‘family.’

We suspect there’s some slightly contradictory messaging going on there…

What do you make of this ad? Clever selling point, or sexist and degrading?