Six steps to clearing your desk of clutter.

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A messy desk does not foster a productive work environment. Tidying it up might seem like a chore, but it’s actually quite simple (and you may even find the task soothing once you get into it).

By keeping all your stationary in one place you make it easier for yourself the next time you can’t find your favourite highlighter. As for the other things you need (but use less frequently), keep them in your top drawer for quick access.

Sticking with the ‘one place’ theme, your notes and lists should all be in the same book. It’s tempting to have a separate book for everything, but you’ll find your desk soon resembles a library rather than a work space.

Finally, give it a wipe down and your desk is the perfect place to get through your to-do list without unnecessary stress.

How do you ensure your work space stays spick and span?