Before this oil, my skin felt like it had been shredded by sandpaper

Come winter my face feels like it has been shredded  by a giant piece of sandpaper. Enter Clarins Lotus Oil – the Yin to my skin’s Yang.

I was introduced to this product in my pimply teenage years by my mum, an ex-Clarins therapist, who told me it would change my life. Six years later, I finally realised she was right and my skin has never thanked me more.

Whether I’ve got dry skin or I’m breaking out – this little baby always fixes the problem. It offers moisture, tightens pores and it’s the perfect oil to put on oily skin because it’s 100% pure plant extract.

And the best part is it lasts for around six months when used three nights a week (trust me, that’s all you will need).

I use it all year round, but it becomes my favourite product in the cooler, dryer months.

It’s $49, and you can get it here.


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