Married At First Sight's Clare has ended her social media blackout.

Clare Verrall from Married at First Sight‘s second season has made a comeback after last month disabling her social media accounts.

In the weeks leading up to the blackout, the 32-year-old Melbourne woman slammed the Channel 9 reality show and dished details about her stint on the program.

Verrall had been paired with Jono Pitman, but their experimental marriage imploded midway through the series — not long after Pitman said his faux wife was “not what I ordered”.

More recently, Verrall unloaded a storm of abuse toward the producers after the latest season finale, accusing them of failing her and other contestants.

Clare Verral's Instagram comeback.

Last month she listed her wedding dress on eBay with the description, "Worn for one day while marrying a stranger on TV who turned out to be a total wankpuffin."

Verrall then deleted all traces of her social media shortly after fellow ex-MAFS contestant Zoe Hendrix jumped to 28-year-old Pitman's defence.

Two weeks on, and Verrall has come back with a bang.

"I missed you all and I won't be bullied off," she declared in a video post on Instagram.

After being flooded with support in the comments, Verrall posted now-deleted replies to her followers.

In her responses, she claimed the real reason she took a break from social media was not because of Hendrix, but because of "bullying" by the partner of her ex.

But she didn't stop short of throwing a small jab back at Hendrix, writing, "the Zoe situation was also very unpleasant since I have never met her."

"I just wish she had contacted me directly for my side of things... and I remain confused about why she would do that if she had an honest account of what occurred."

Verrall added there was still "SO MUCH" she had not revealed but that she hoped Pitman has support from Channel 9 because she'd "heard he is in a really negative headspace".

She also wished "nothing but happiness" for Hendrix and her husband Alex Garner ahead of the birth of their first baby.