Clare from Married at First Sight had a serious 'dance-floor stack'.

Um, ouch.

Clare Verrall from Married At First Sight took a tumble last night and injured herself. Badly.

In the wee hours of this morning she shared a video on social media with the caption, “This is why I went on #MarriedAtFirstSight I SUCK at going out!!! #Brokenwrist #WalkingDisaster #ER #ClumsiestPersonAlive #EverydayImStackingit #BooToIceOnTheDanceFloor”

Evidently Clare slipped on some ice while dancing. Haven’t we all been there?!

“So it’s um… close to three AM, and um, I’ve broken my wrist due to an epic dance-floor stack,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram. Verrall does seem to be in quite a lot of pain, but it appears the bruise to her ego is what’s hurting the most. “I am such a loser,” she whispers.

A few hours later Clare shared an update photo, again from The Alfred Hospital, of her arm well and truly bandaged up. She detailed the next steps in her recovery. And they do NOT sound pleasant.


“Next up ‘pulling the bones back into position’ which sounds SUPER FUN then surgery,” she posted.

“Then I’m in a cast for 6 weeks. Who wants to sign my cast? #WalkingDisaster #Brokenwrist #TheAlfred #pain #ClumsiestPersonAlive #SlippedOnIceOnTheDanceFloor

If you’re having a little giggle at Clare’s misfortune you’re a terrible person not the only one. Fellow Married At First Sight bride Erin was with Clare when the fall happened and has called it the “#funniestshitiveeverseen”.

BRIDE DOWN BRIDE DOWN!! ???????????? @clare_verrall #bridedown #ibrokeher #funniestshitiveeverseen #sozzababe

A photo posted by Erin – Married At First Sight (@erinbateman_) on Apr 24, 2016 at 7:37pm PDT


We’re waiting patiently to find our how each of the relationships ends this week. But at least we know two of the cast members are still in touch!

Clare is currently in hospital awaiting tomorrow’ surgery but she’s been keeping us updated with videos from her hospital bed. 

Clare and Jono’s relationship didn’t exactly end well…

Video by Channel 9

Wishing Clare a speedy recovery. If you’ve got the water-safe Textas we’d be more than happy to sign your new hardware!

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