We know where Zac Posen and Claire Danes got their Met Gala inspiration from.

Claire Danes was announced the un-debatable holder of the ‘Best Dressed’ title at the Met Gala yesterday.

Donned in a gorgeous sky blue, fibre optic Zac Posen gown, fashion critics came out in droves to compliment the frock’s uniqueness. ‘Lights in a dress!’ fashion’s upper echelons cried, ‘This has never been done before!’

Regardless of how many fashion bloggers claim ‘THIS HAS TOTALLY NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED, LIKE EVER’ they would be wrong. And fans of trashy British television knew as such the moment Danes stepped her immaculately pedicured feet onto that perfect red carpet.

Watch Monz review the fashion from the Met Gala below. Post continues after video…

Because you see, as spine-tingling and stunning as that dress was, Zac’s idea of lighting a dress up like a Christmas tree was not an original one. And we in the Mamamia office have a sneaking suspicion about where he and Danes got their inspiration from.

Gypsies. They got it from the gypsies, everyone. More specifically, they got it from the gypsy brides of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Think we’ve lost our marbles? See for yourself.

See? SEE?! It is EXACTLY THE SAME. Maybe. Not really... Okay not at all.  (Left: Twitter; Right: Lifestyle Channel)

Now don't get us wrong - we really do agree that Danes deserved the 'best dressed' title. But, well, there's no denying the gypsy community deserve credit where credit is due. The light-up dress was THEIR concept, and they've been rockin' fairy bulbs under organza for YEARS NOW.

Granted, Posen executed the plan more, err... elegantly. (Right: Twitter; Left: Lifestyle Channel) 

So yes, while we'd prefer to glide across a red carpet in Zac Posen's ethereal creation, and while Claire Danes looked like the perfect cross between an angel and Cinderella, we'd like to give a lil' tip of our hats to the gypsy community.

Because they are the unlikely fashion heroes of this story.

The comparison of Posen's light up dress to those seen in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reminds us of these online shopping nightmares.