This Aussie mum's clever beauty product will cut your skincare routine in half.

Most beauty counters and YouTube videos would have you believe you need approximately 37 and a half beauty products to get your face ready in the morning – and that’s before you’ve even thought about makeup.

Thanks to Renee Moore, that’s no longer true.

The Aussie mum has created a clever skin product that combines five separate products into one handy sized bottle and cuts your morning beauty regimen down by half. At least.

Say hello to Cinch Skin Face Cheat, $39.99.


Image: Brittany Stewart

"Women would constantly tell me that they didn’t have time to use a daily moisturiser, let alone a serum or a primer," Moore says.

"That would always shocked me as I was always a seven-products-at-once kind of girl! I never really understood that 'no time for skin' thing until I become a mum.

"Although I always made time to put on a moisturiser and a little bit of makeup, I struggled to apply my seven step routine."


Image: Supplied

When she couldn't find the hard-working multi-purpose product she was after, Moore decided to draw on her background as a makeup artist, beauty therapist and years in the beauty industry and create her own.

"I thought if companies could offer me five to 10 different skin care solutions, why can’t they bundle the favourites into one super moisturiser? And why can’t it be in a spray?"

Listen: Beauty guru Zoe Foster-Blake shares her beauty hacks for busy women. Post continues after audio. 

The result, Face Cheat, is a serious overachiever, taking the place of five different products in an easy to use spray bottle.

"I love that it offers as much hydration as many cream moisturisers on the market but it feels weightless on your skin. It has an illuminator in it to give you an instant glow, kakadu plum to help with lines and wrinkles; it’s a pore minimiser and also a primer so it’s a great base for makeup," Moore says.


Even better — it's suitable for just about any skin type.

"If you are an oily combination skin you can spray Face Cheat directly onto your face. If you’re dehydrated or dry I’d suggest spraying Face Cheat closely into your palms and then smooth it directly onto your face."

As someone who can be a little, ahem, lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin (it's my 2017 New Years Resolution, I promise!), Face Cheat is very appealing.

Instead of faffing about with several products, it's just a quick spritz in the morning and I'm ready to do my makeup. I do a spray around 10cm from my face all over, and then a quick spray into my hands and dab if I want an extra glow. (Post continues after gallery.)

Available online or from Priceline, it's incredibly hydrating. Plus, you can put makeup over it straight away and it can also be used as pick-me-up during the day to refresh.

Moore says its creation wasn't without its challenges, though.

"Firstly I needed to make sure my idea could be executed. I met with my manufacturer and described what I wanted. I was sitting in a room full of people (with my one-year-old on my knee) telling them I wanted them to make me 'sleep in a bottle'. Pretty sure they thought I was crazy," she says.

"Making a multipurpose product was the easy part. But making it into a spray was exceptionally challenging. After what felt like 7,000 samples later – we finally created Face Cheat."


But the biggest challenge was convincing people it could work.

"Because it is quite a unique product people were unsure if it would work. Someone even emailed me an article that was titled “There is a reason that it hasn’t already been done”. It was basically saying don’t reinvent the wheel, you wont succeed! It was the most backwards article I’d ever seen. It made me even more determined to succeed," she says.

Judging by the feedback, she's done more than that.

"[It's] beyond expectations. We have had comments like 'Beauty Game Changer' and 'Legit, my holy grail right now'," she says.

"But one of my favourites was when a customer emailed us and said she wears makeup everywhere she goes just to feel confident. She said on the second day that she used Face Cheat she had enough confidence to go make up free. That, to me, is amazing!"