Meet Jessica Serfaty, the former ANTM model who is dating Chuck Bass.

For those who are only coming to the painful realisation that Chuck Bass was never real, he’s probably not going to marry Blair Waldorf, he was actually born in Britain and his real name is Ed Westwick, here’s another delightful little spanner: Ed from Britain has a new girlfriend.

You snooze, you lose, sleepy.

(I say new girlfriend because did you know he once dated Vanessa – yes, of Gossip Girl, poor-girl Brooklyn fame – for almost the entire filming run of the show?)

This new girlfriend’s name is Jessica Michél Serfaty and her Instagram bio says something along the lines of: “I prefer French toast because regular toast is uneducated and hates democracy.”

I like it.

Anywho, with news that the couple have made their relationship official – they literally made it official on social media by writing “it’s official” – many are perplexed. Who is this woman who cut our lunch?

Well.. it’s official. I’m swoon ⛓????⛓

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Jessica Michél is a 26-year-old former America’s Next Top Model contestant who has dated Niall Horan, Joe Jonas and who has also been linked to Justin Bieber.


At 17, Michél fell pregnant to a man she had met at church the year before in what he claims was their first sexual encounter, with the couple soon marrying.

She first appeared on everyone’s radar back at just 18 years of age, where, with her husband and young son, she relocated to Los Angeles from Arkansas. The couple later split, with the model going to to try her hand at acting.

And now? Well now, despite being yet to star on British Ed’s social media channels, she has made the relationship more than public, uploading numerous photos of the new couple to Instagram.

Predictably, the comments section is filled with comments like this: “Cannot believe this is happening I thought we were going to spend our lives together and now I see this pic,” from irrationally heartbroken fans. And yes, that’s more than legit.

Got all that? Cool. As you were.