How to rock a Christmas tree decoration theme that truly reflects your unique personality.

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I remember every single Christmas tree my family has ever had.

Each one was slightly different and a reflection of life at the time.

From the overcrowded, slightly-slanted tree of my primary school days, to the more minimalist colour-coordinated tree from my late teens.

To now – a tree which is a combination of both – filled with handcrafted intricate baubles and lopsided trinkets thrown together by the grandchildren.

Decorating your Christmas tree is a deeply personal and creative task, and no two trees will ever look the same.

And mastering the art of your own Christmas tree decoration theme can be a heck of a lot of fun.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up five of the best themes for this Christmas:

More Sparkle Than Meghan Markle

This tree is all about embracing your inner glam.

Think sparkly, well-made baubles and handcrafted trinkets that will last for many Christmases to come.

A simple mix of gold and silver decorations, with a hero piece like this Annual Edition Ornament 2018 from Swarovski ($119), will make your tree one to remember.

christmas tree decorations australia
Image: Swarovski.

This one is perfect for families who want to create lasting memories, but also anyone who loves to entertain and be a real showstopper.


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Minimalist Dream

The minimalist dream tree is all about clean lines and simple decorations. Think a string of fairy lights and a few purposefully placed baubles.

With this theme, the actual greenery of the tree is the real hero.


A minimalist dream tree is perfect for small apartments or busy, professional couples.


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Original & Colourful

A colourful Christmas tree allows you to have a bit more fun.

Think handmade decorations, bright colours and a clashing of prints.

If you're not a particularly crafty person and just love colour, this Swarovski ornament is a one of a kind.

Image: Swarovski.

The colourful tree is perfect for young families with curious minds and even more curious hands.

And big kids who aren't afraid to play with colour!


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Monochrome Chic

Monochrome chic is perfect for the classic decorator.

These subtle decorations are easy to source - think white baubles, black tinsel, gingham bows - and will never date.


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The monochrome chic tree suits singles or couples who would like a low-maintenance tree, that will always look on point.


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Ombre For Days

It turns out the ombre trend isn't only for your hair.

If you decide to go down the ombre track, you can either go for a sleek, minimalist ombre of whites, greys, and blacks.

Or you can fully embrace colour and make your tree a rainbow explosion of fun decorations.


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The ombre for days is the perfect theme for families who would like to express their unique personality and anyone who likes to snap a few pics for Instagram on Christmas Day.



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What's your Christmas tree decorating style? Tell us in the comments below.

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