Nicky has found the closest thing to guilt-free shopping.







67 minutes in store.

8 items in total.

$190.60 spent.

$247.85 saved.

I’ll get to how I did it in a second, but first I have to tell you that I’ve just discovered THE place where I’ll be doing all my Christmas shopping. Nay, the place where I’ll be doing most of my shopping from now on.

Side note: Apologies if I come off a little unhinged right now, I’m writing this fresh from my adrenalin-fuelled shopping haul and I’m still reeling from all the money I just saved (by erm, spending it).

It’s literally a one stop shop where you can find something for the kids, yourself, your husband, girlfriend, father, brother, sister, the whole gang, and it’s not going to cost you the equivalent of a monthly mortgage repayment. It’s the closest thing to guilt-free shopping I’ve ever found and I’m hooked. I’m not the only one either, and I’m guessing after reading this you will be a convert too.

I just picked up my entire summer wardrobe for less than $200. That’s a designer dress, a pair of sunglasses, a running singlet, running shorts, a striped bikini, a bra, undies, AND a smoothie container thrown in with enough change for three lattes.


I’m telling you this place is dangerous, but dangerous in a good, not-going-to-cost-you-money-you-don’t-have way. Which makes all the difference when you’re throwing things in a shopping basket like you’ve time travelled back to 1992 and landed on the set of the best game show ever created, Supermarket Sweep.

Ok, fine. I’ll let you in on where I’ve just come from, it’s…Trade Secret. That place you’ve probably heard about, but haven’t been to yet, or if you’re anything like the bargain hunting customers I saw in store, you’re cursing me right now for sharing this information. (Sorry! But with new stock added daily, there’s plenty enough to go round, right guys? Hello?)

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Trade Secret. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words. 

But back to my haul, because I can’t keep these bargains to myself any longer. The printed dress you see in my flatlay photo is by US designer Ivanka Trump, I picked that up for $59.95 (saving over $100). The Seafolly rounded sunnies were $19.95 (retail price $69.95), the athletic singlet was $19.95 and shorts were $24.95 (saving $15) and unbelievably, the striped bikini also from an Aussie swimwear label only cost $19.95 (saving over $50). Coming in at so-cheap-it-was-almost-free is the BPA-free smoothie container for $7.95 (retail price $15.95) and the colourful bra and undies together only cost $37.90. I haven’t paid that less for a bra and undies set since I wore a training bra.

Side note: if you’re a D cup and above, it’s well worth ducking into Trade Secret to do your bra shopping. I found bras from DD through to G from brands you’re probably wearing right now starting at $9.95. That’s practically unheard of for those of us whose cup runneth over.


And none of this is old season stock either. Trade Secret negotiates unreal deals (and then passes those savings on to you) from labels and retailers at the same time they are in department and high street stores – that’s why I can’t mention some of the brands here, the bargains are that hot

Since I really did think I was on the set of Supermarket Sweep, I thought it would be selfish of me if not to pick up something for the family too. I picked up a party dress for my three-year-old for $29.95 (this also came in red if you’re looking for a Christmas/festive dress for your little one, but be quick), a Peppa Pig dinner set for $9.95 (there was also a small selection of P.P. toys), a 12-pack of animal crayons for $5.95, and a cute printed onesie for $12.95 – even at baby store sales I have never seen this brand discounted so much.

As I said earlier, you’ll find me doing my Christmas shopping in Trade Secret this year and if you spot me, say hi, but just give me a wide berth.

Everything is up to 60% off what you would pay in other stores, so I’m warning you – I’m like a woman possessed.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

At Trade Secret you’ll find top brand fashion & homewares for up to 60% off other stores prices everyday.  We deal direct with designers to negotiate incredible deals on this season’s fashion & homewares and then pass those savings on. New stock arrives everyday, so there’s something to discover on every visit! 

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