Christmas presents, how much is too much?

It’s that time of year again.

“Quick, hide them.” I screamed to my partner. “Don’t let the kids see them.”

Too late.

“MMUUUUMMMMM look what came in the mail.”

“TOY CATALOGUES,” both my kids screamed at me with enthusiasm.

Toy catalogues. The bane of my existence at the moment.

“I want a Frozen doll. The one that talks. It’s only $80.” Yep, ONLY $80…

“I want a big car.”

“I want a swing set.”

“I want my own iPad.”

“I want a laptop.”

Slow down right there children. You are five and six.

When I was six I wanted a stuffed dolphin toy from Big W that was $15 not my own computer.

Is it just me or have expectations for Christmas presents sky rocketed of late?

People are, literally, buying six-year-olds computers.

Even Gen alpha want electronic goods for Christmas

I remember a few years back asking my then eight-year-old niece what she wanted “oh something electronic". Of course you do.

I’m not sure whether it was Steve Jobs’ fault or simply the fault of parents giving into the exceedingly high expectations their children have.

It seems traditional Christmas presents are long forgotten. Toddlers are even already into electronic goods and expensive toys. And even if they aren’t into I devices or similar, a decent train track or doll can cost in excess of $50. Add two or three of those plus clothes, craft stuff, a DVD or similar and it’s easy to rack up a few hundred dollars in a blink of an eye.


That’s not mentioning any big ticket purchases like swing sets, trampolines, pools and pets!

Can we set some rules so our trolleys don't look like this.

There is no hard and fast rule on how much you spend on each child, obviously, but every year my friends and I discuss our purchases.

Some have a strict $100 limit and others are happen to splurge on almost $1,000 per child. $1,000!

There is no consistency at all. None. And why would there be? Each to their own (and by own, I mean budget).

My kids mostly get a mix of toys, clothes and ‘useful’ stuff (school stuff, beach towels etc.) and that’s probably where it will stay for a while yet but I know as they get older, it will get harder and harder.

My six-year-old has already asked for a laptop for his next birthday. Part of me screams “no way you’ll only be seven". And other part of me thinks “great idea, I’ll get my work computer back".

My five-year-old seems content with Super Hero and Ninja Turtle paraphernalia. This is fine because I can subtly buy useful items in this theme, like a batman drink bottle (Mum win!).

While I seem to be relatively safe from buying an iPad for Christmas, I know it's not long.  

Do you have a limit on what you spend on Christmas presents? What is the biggest present you've ever bought your child?

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