A drunken reindeer thief has penned a heartfelt apology to his nine-year-old victim.

He’s been labelled as the ‘Grinch’ who stole a young Sydney girl’s Christmas but it seems that not unlike his Dr. Seuss namesake, a drunken reindeer thief has had a change of heart.

Last week, nine-year-old Chiara Velardi woke up to find two cherished reindeer ornaments had disappeared from the lawn of her family’s Middleton Grange home.

Chiara Velardi on the nightly news. Image via 7 News Sydney

Footage from a security camera showed two merrymakers attempting to bundle the glowing animals into a parked car in the middle of the previous night.

Tragically, one the animals was irreparably damaged in the heist.

“You shouldn’t do that anymore and you should say sorry to my dad and my mum and me,” Chiara told 7 News on Friday.

Two friends of the thief happened to catch the nightly bulletin and the following evening came knocking on the Velardi's front door, armed with a handwritten apology on his behalf.

The stolen reindeer. Image via 7 News Sydney

“To whoever’s Christmas I destroyed, I’m very sorry for taking your raindeer (sic). I was unaware of my actions due to being drunk,” the note read.

“Don’t feel like you shouldn’t put up any more lights because they were wonderful. I hope this letter makes you feel better. I’m so sorry once again I promise to never do this again. Please feel safe and have a nice Christmas!”

It also came attached to two $50 notes to cover the cost of the replacing the reindeer.

Chiara's father Roy accepted the apology of the anonymous robber and confirmed he will not take the matter any further.

“They were pretty genuine, they seemed genuine,” he told 7 News.

“I accepted the apology, I’m not going to take it any further. They apologised to my daughter too.”