It's Christmas, so let's talk about virgin births

You won’t believe how many women claim they got pregnant without having sex.

It looks like some folks missed school the day sex ed was covered.

According to a new study in England’s BMJ medical journal (via Fox News, of course), almost 1 percent of pregnant women claim to still be virgins, making their unborn babies immaculate conceptions.

You know, just like Jesus.

The study surveyed more than 7,800 pregnant women between the ages of 15 and 28; 45 — or .8 percent – of the women claimed they had conceived without a man (assisted reproduction like IVF was not included).

It’s easy to chuckle at anyone that could make such a claim with a straight face, but other stats from the study make the whole farce feel awfully sad. 31 percent of the girls who claimed to be “virgins” had also signed chastity pledges. Since you can always trust teenagers when they tell you they are not having sex, nobody bothered to show these pledged teens how to use a condom or what the birds and the bees were all about.

Even sadder: 28 percent of the virgins’ moms admitted they didn’t have enough knowledge themselves to discuss sex and contraception with their daughters.

It’s unclear how many truly believed they’d gotten pregnant without sex, and how many just didn’t want to ‘fess up to having done the deed.

It is, however, very clear that Fox News thinks there’s actually something to this study. Why would somebody ask a pregnant person if she was a virgin in the first place?

The holy message here? We still need to talk about sexual education in schools — and get comfortable with that birds-and-the-bees talk, ASAP.

How did you tell your kids about the birds and bees?

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