Who buys Christmas decorations in September? Who, Australia?

Christmas in July is one thing. Christmas in September is much worse.

Are you one of those people who plans ahead?

Do you like to secure your Christmas ornaments more than THREE MONTHS out from the actual day?

Are you worried that this year there will, somehow, be a desperate shortage of Christmasy-themed stuff to fill your house and want to ensure you get your treasures before people start trading tinsel for cigarettes?

Are you embarrassed to have last season’s red baubles?

No need to panic.

Because it is time. Christmas has come early.


This year’s theme? Red and white.


Yep.  Don’t let the fact that there’s still 102 DAYS TO GO BEFORE CHRISTMAS stop you, retailers. Don’t let fact get in the way of making a sale. Because TIME BE DARNED. We may have just ironically had Christmas in July, but NOW IT’S THE REAL SHIT so we better start getting ready NOW.


My lunch break intrepid journalistic research today revealed that several shops are already sporting Christmas themed items, and not even left over ones from last year.


Jolly Old Fel-NO.


Like chocolate. CHOCOLATE? ARE YOU CRAZY? What maniac is stowing away chocolate THREE MONTHS out and expecting it to LAST UNTIL DECEMBER?  I brought some back to the MM offices to photograph the evidence and I’ve had orgasms that have lasted longer.




Have we completely lost the ability to wait for anything? Are we so intent on instant gratification that we’re ok with Hot Cross Buns all year round and Christmas decorations in September?

I love Christmas, but the buildup is already long enough.  To have a three-month build up to ONE day is crazy. Three months of beautiful images, decorations, spirit, food, magazines spreads and catalogues with ‘perfect gifts’ sets us up with very high expectations. And what happens when expectation doesn’t meet reality?

You end up disappointed.   Depressed. Regretful.


There was a really interesting study in the 1960’s called the Marshmallow Test. Psychologist Walter Mischel and a team of researchers sat pre-schoolers down and gave them a choice. They could have one marshmallow immediately. Or, they could wait, the reward of which was two marshmellows.

Years later, Mischel and his team followed up with the  preschoolers and found that children who had waited for the second marshmallow generally fared better in life.

The Marshmellow Test has since become synonymous with temptation, willpower and restraint. Which makes it so ironic when I saw these.

ho ho no.


Every year Christmas and Easter creep earlier into the year. Every year we are astonished at why.  Maybe the answer lies with us: ignore the Marshmellow (Santa).  Don’t buy the Marshmellow (Santa), or eat it.  Just wait. Exercise some restraint until ’tis the season. And enjoy the feeling when it does come.

Do you agree?