How to get party-ready in less than 15 minutes.

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Summer is my favourite time of the year. Not because of the Christmas presents, mind you, but because of the parties that accompany it.

While the first few are always exciting and I spend weeks figuring out what I’m going to wear, the further into festive season I get, the less time and effort I can afford (and be bothered) putting into getting ready.

To save yourself the last-minute stress, here’s how I program my pre-party autopilot to get myself ready in less than 15 minutes. The trick is, of course, to plan ahead where you can, which will buy you some time when it all comes down to the wire.

1. Buy presents in bulk.

No one wants to show up at a party empty handed, but with what often seems like a season of countless social events, it’s difficult to find the time to shop for personalised presents.

I know this is sort of cheating but I buy the same present for lots of different people, assuming they won’t be receiving them at the same time. I’ll find a beautiful scented candle, a cute beauty gift bag or a small gourmet food hamper and buy a few of each.

To save yourself even more time, opt to get them wrapped in store – you’ll be glad you thought ahead when you’re trawling through draws frantically searching for spare gift bags.

Candles are pretty awesome TBH. Image: Facebook.

2. Do a weekly face mask.

With Christmas and New Year’s parties stretching well into the new year, one too many late nights and glasses of bubbly can and will show on my skin.


To save time in the party-prep phase, I’ve streamlined my skin routine specifically for the festive season: I’ll keep it simple by prepping my face with BB cream and removing my makeup at the end of the night using micellar water.

On the weekend when I have more time on my hands, I’ll use a rejuvenating face mask to give my skin the TLC that it needs. The result? My skin feels fresh, firm and ready to take on another week of celebrations.

3. Shave only the visible parts of your body.

Ladies, we’ve all been here. This trick is as old as time but as relevant as ever.

For those of us who are about getting it done in a jiffy and making as little mess as possible, use an all-in-one razor that lathers, shaves and moisturises during shaving. The Schick Intuition is my go-to for a quick, clean shave that usually takes me less than three minutes. And the best part? There’s no shaving gel required.

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4. Have an “emergency outfit” on hand.

We all know that feeling: you’ve just walked through the door and put down your keys before you realise that you needed to leave, like, 10 minutes ago.

The best way to get ready in a jiffy? Have one or two go-to outfits that are prepped and ready in case of emergency. An LBD with a great pair of strappy heels can do no wrong and will take all of 30 seconds to pull together. Easy.

5. Slick back your hair into a high pony.

If there’s one hairstyle that’s my saving grace, no matter the occasion or time of day, it’s the sleek high pony tail. The best thing about it? The greasier the hair, the better the hold.

Goodbye stress, hello lazy hair routine.


Ariana Grande aka sleek high pony queen. Image: Conway Studios.

6. Keep a lipstick and eyeliner in your purse.

While makeup can help you feel dolled up and ready to party, it’s often the last thing we do before we leave the house - IF we actually find the time to do it.

To keep things easy – so easy that you can do it in the car on the way to the party – I’ve simplified my makeup routine down to two steps: a smear of eyeliner and a pop of lipstick. Rocking a classic winged liner and a red lip will make you look and feel polished in next to no time at all. And the best bit? Both products will fit easily in your clutch. Winning.

How do you prepare for your holiday festivities?