6 Christmas gift ideas for your tween.






In our opinion, tweens are pretty much the hardest group to buy presents for.

It’s just that they’re so…in the middle. Not quite a teenager, and definitely not a child. And for that reason, it can be really hard to know what to put under the tree for them at Christmas.

Here’s a list of six of the best present ideas for the tween in your life, which we found recently while visiting Big W armed with a $50 voucher.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for Big W. 

1. A DVD box set.

A DVD set of the tween in your life’s favourite show is guaranteed to be a hit at Christmas. This Gossip Girl box set ($74) will let them catch up on Blair, Chuck, Serena, Dan and Nate’s antics on the Upper East Side to their heart’s content. Xoxo.

Gossip Girl box set.

2. Retro radios.

Seriously, how cute are these portable retro AM/FM radios? At just $19, they are a steal. In fact, you’ll probably want to pick one up for yourself while you’re there…

Portable retro AM/FM radios.

3. Beach accessories.

Tweens are at that age where they are starting to want a little more space from mum and dad, and perhaps even starting to venture out on some solo activities with friends. For that reason, beach games, chairs or colourful towels like these ones by Peter Morrissey ($29) are great ideas for tweens.


Peter Morrissey beach towels.

4. Shoes.

Every girl needs a pair of sandals for summer and these metallic Lyla & Co sandals ($30) are perfect. Summer sandals can be worn with everything and dressed up and down, and metallic are right on trend. Your tween will thank you.

Metallic Lyla & Co sandals.

5. DVDs.

Over the school holidays, there are probably going to be a lot of hanging around at friends places watching movies and eating copies amounts of chocolate.

Get the collection started by gifting some awesome DVDs like the Twilight saga or Guardians of the Galaxy.

         Twilight saga DVD.                                      Guardians of the Galaxy DVD.

6. Vouchers.

If you still can’t decide on the right gift for the tween in your life, play it safe with a voucher. That way you know they will love whatever you give them, because they will be choosing it themselves.

So there you have it – a failsafe guide to Christmas gift-buying for those notoriously difficult creatures, the tweens. None of these should earn you a sarcastic eye roll – unlike your taste in music.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


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