Dear Santa, this is what I actually want for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

Let’s get something straight this year. I have been good, really good, so when it comes to dipping into your bag of presents in December please know I have enough socks and pyjamas. I buy all the books I want to read. If you give me a kitchen appliance I may just throw it back at you. And I really do not need any more vouchers (unless of course they are for Sephora, in which case I’ll take two).
Santa, what I (and any girl) would love are the gifts we would never buy ourselves. A little luxury and a little lust-worthiness tied up in a Christmas bow. So wink-wink-nudge-nudge, here is the top ten Christmas gifts to buy for someone else that they won’t buy for themselves.

1.Soy candles.

christmas gifts for her
Image via Wikimedia.

Everyone loves a really beautiful, good quality soy candle, one that shifts the atmosphere in a home. I have a penchant for vanilla, cinnamon and white sage – blissful scents that linger for days.

2. Stationery.

christmas gifts for her
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I go weak at the knees at the sight of a new notebook, a matching folder and crisp new pencils – but I never seem to buy these beautiful things for myself. A sentence a day notebook, thankful journal and some pink striped notepaper would be perfect.

3. Scarves.

christmas gifts for her
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The one thing that can brighten up any outfit is a scarf. I yearn for silk hand painted prints from Etsy, knitted Missoni items for every day, or a crocheted warm snood from my favourite Sunday markets. Winter or summer, a girl can never have too many scarves.

4. Framed print.

Image via Instagram @misspoppydesign

What girl wouldn’t love a new print to brighten up her little space? A Kerrie Hess original or something to die for from Miss Poppy Design would suit nicely. My heart melts just thinking of the surprise.

5. Anthropologie.

christmas gifts for her
Image via Flickr – naomi yamada

One word Santa, just one little word. The dresses, the tops, the knits or even their heavenly throw cushions. I think I just may want it all.

6. Not so much bling.

christmas gifts for her
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Every girl loves her sparkle, but the chic and effortless designs of UberKate and Nicole Fendel work with every occasion and every outfit. Customise the jewellery and this just may be the most perfect gift of all time.

7. A ghd.

Image supplied.

Actually, while we are laying all our cards clean out on the table, I’d really love the new GHD Rose Gold styler. Oh my goodness, my hair is doing cartwheels just thinking about this. Every girl needs her trusty straightener and this just might be the perfect one.

8. Makeup.

christmas gifts for her
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As I said, a Sephora gift voucher would be perfect, but then again so would the newest lipstick from my favourite brand or even one of those gorgeous gift compacts that are limited releases just for Christmas.

9. Shoes.

Ok, let’s get things straight Santa – your elves know my size and while I may buy my practical and comfortable shoes, I daydream over hot pink and silver stilettos, shoes with red soles and absolutely anything from Shoes of Prey.

10. Tea.

christmas gifts for her
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It is the way to a girl’s heart. I’m all about fancy blends, pretty gift packs, dainty teacups and matching teapots. I usually only stock up on my tea from the supermarket, so a special tea blend would be perfect.

Get the hint Santa – gifts that become dust collectors or end up thrown into a wardrobe and forgotten about are out. Maybe everyone should ‘send a hint’ this year to make sure they get what they really want this Christmas.

What Christmas gift are you wishing for this year?

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