Women share the best purchase they made in 2018, for less than $100.

In the lead up to Christmas,  I decided to ask 10 women about the best purchase they made in 2018 for less than $100 and excuse me there’s some things I need to… purchase.

These products made life just that little bit easier, or more enjoyable or saved women valuable time.

Lauren: “A waterproof speaker for my shower” – $29.99

These speakers can stick to the inside of your shower, and you can buy them online from Typo or Cotton On.

The speaker connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can listen to your favourite podcast/The Star is Born soundtrack while shaving your legs. If that’s not productivity I don’t know what is.

Image via Typo.
Shower speaker.

Simone: "My reusable coffee cup" - $25

Simone bought her reusable coffee cup online at Kollab for $25 and loves it because it looks completely different to everyone else's. This is most definitely a selling point for anyone who has had their cup go missing in the office because 12 people all have exactly the same one.

They are BPA free and make you feel bloody smug because you know that everyday you're doing your bit for the environment.

Kollab keep cup.
Kollab coffee cup.

Peta: "A hilarious toy for my puppy" - $13.50

The Kong Puppy treat feeder which she bought from Petbarn has been a big hit with Peta's dog, Carlos.

The toy is not only extremely entertaining, but is also really good for a puppy's teeth and gums. You can fill it with treats and it will keep your dog occupied for hours and hours. Brilliant.

Kong Puppy treat feeder.
Kong Puppy treat feeder.

Polly: "An entire set of active wear that fits like a glove" - $50

Cotton On's entire active wear range is next level. 

You can buy printed tights that fit perfectly around the waist for $29,95, and simple yet flattering work out singlets for $19.95.

Their sports bras also retail from $19.95 from Cotton On Body.

Tights from Cotton On Body.
Tights from Cotton On Body.

Andi: "The best foundation I've ever used" - $69

It's not exactly cheap, but after trying dozens of brands, Andi says this is the one foundation that she's sticking to.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is a silky liquid foundation that hydrates and brightens skin. It markets itself as providing, "all-day weightless and buildable coverage with a natural radiant finish."

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.

Tai: "The book The Barefoot Investor" - $19.00

Tai says that The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape completely changed her year.

"It has completely changed my relationship with money and I've actually learned to save now," Tai told Mamamia.

You can buy it for $19 from Target, Kmart or Officeworks.

The Barefoot Investor.
The Barefoot Investor.

Amy: "A bra that actually... fits" - $50

Amy was professionally fitted in Bras N Things earlier this year, and bought a $50 bra that made her infinitely more comfortable.

It's called the Pureform Full Cup Balconette Bra and makes you feel nice and supported.

Berlei also stock a number of comfortable t-shirt bras for women with bigger busts. They're so good, I've bought three of the same style in different colours.

Pureform Full Cup Balconette Bra.
Pureform Full Cup Balconette Bra.

Prisha: "A face treatment that fixed heaps of my sun damage" - $59.95

Alpha Liquid Gold is a cult product that NO ONE WILL STOP TALKING ABOUT.

It's won a bunch of awards and promises to treat pigmentation, sun damage and wrinkles.

Prisha says it has just about erased some of her sun spots and her skin has never looked better.

Liquid Gold.
Liquid Gold.

Xian: My white Christmas tree - $39

Xian is obsessed with her $39 Christmas tree from Target, the first she's ever bought as an adult.

It looks very classy in her living room, and goes perfectly with her lounge and coffee table.

Classic white Christmas tree.
Classic white Christmas tree.

Tanya: My slow cooker - $20

Tanya bought a five litre slow cooker from Kmart and says it's the best $20 she's ever spent.

5L Slow Cooker.
5L Slow Cooker.


Consider that your Christmas list sorted.

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