9 Christmas gifts for kids that'll keep them busy for years.

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Shhhhh! Did you hear that sound? 

It’s faint, but if you listen hard enough, you’ll just be able to make out the sound of wrapping paper rustling, large joints of ham jostling for space on supermarket shelves, and the collective sigh of parents everywhere realising that Christmas 2023 is hurtling ever closer.

Yes, it may feel as if you just finished the last of the secret stash of Easter chocolate that was stored above the fridge in case of emergencies, and yes, you may still be suffering a nauseatingly vivid flashback from eating almost an entire pavlova last Christmas.

But the festive season waits for no one, which is why we are helping you get a jump start on arguably the most stressful part of the whole shebang: Christmas gifts for the kids.

If you’re anything like me, instead of succumbing to the pressure and purchasing the bobble-headed doll that cries and wees that your child wants (again), you’ll be on the hunt for Chrissie gifts with longevity, gifts that will actually be used and loved long-term, and that you don’t already have stashed, forgotten, in the toy box, crying and... leaking water everywhere.

Wheely good wheels.

Image: 99 Bikes. 


If there is a King of Christmas gifts, then I think the bike is probably it.

Almost every kid remembers seeing a bike under the tree at some point in their lives and being utterly stoked at the prospect of cruising through the January school holidays on a brand-new set of wheels. When it comes to gifts with longevity, that will be used and loved long term, a new bike ticks all the boxes. And when it comes to choosing a bike, 99 Bikes has you covered. 

As Australia’s largest bicycle retailer and with prices starting from $165, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect wheels for your little (or not-so-little) one. My youngest daughter has just graduated from using training wheels and is in the market for her first "big girl" bike. 

We’ve got our eye on the Pedal Bam Alloy 20 (in purple and teal) thanks to its lightweight alloy frame, it makes mounting and dismounting easy, the perfect option for Miss 6. 

My son, on the other hand, starts high school next year, and we are looking to upgrade to a mountain bike for his school and extracurricular travel. 99 Bikes has a huge range of hardtail and dual suspension bikes to teenagers and bigger kids. 


And as experts in the field, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product backed up with 99 Bikes’ love it or swap it guarantee. 

And arguably the best bit? Zero building required, so you’ll be able to kick back with a Baileys and Love Actually on Christmas Eve rather than wrestle with a spanner and Allen Key.

In the summertime.

Image: Adreno, Wahu. 

An Aussie Christmas is synonymous with getting wet. Be it at the beach, in the pool or under the sprinkler, there is nothing quite as refreshing as a dip or splash when the mercury is rising. 


As a family of water babies, beach and pool related presents are always one of my go-to gift ideas. From higher priced items; a new surfboard or bodyboard to your more affordable; snorkel and fins set (we love the Adreno brand), a good pair of goggles, quality sand or pool toys (this Wahu Light Up Glo Raft is on my personal Christmas list), you can’t go wrong. And, if rinsed and stored correctly, you’ll get at least a couple of seasons out of each. 

All things electronic.

Image: Big W, Moki, XCD.

I’ll level with you; electronics and gaming aren’t really in my zone of genius. My husband is the gamer and tech-lover in our house, so I tend to defer to him. However, as the kids have gotten older, I've had to find my way around an Amazon and JB Hi-Fi wish list and I've made a few good choices over the years.


My number one pick? A decent pair of wireless headphones. 

Ideal for home and school, wireless headphones really come into their own when the family packs into the car to go camping each January. No longer are my ears assaulted for 4.5 hours by a potent mix of Bluey, Kids YouTube, and whatever random documentary my son is watching. Everyone can listen independently while my husband and I can hold an actual conversation.

Thinking about it, maybe these are more a gift for me than for them.

Building and making.

Image: LEGO.


If I’m ever pressed for a last-minute kids’ gift, I’ll generally opt for two things: LEGO or craft supplies. Because you really can’t go wrong with either. 

My kids span in age from 6 to 12, and Lego is always a feature of their Christmas stockings. Some of my fondest memories of Christmas morning are sitting down to tackle a new LEGO set. We’ve graduated from DUPLO up to the more challenging builds now, and I can honestly say that I enjoy them as much as the kids do. 

The best bit about Lego? The only real limitation to its use is imagination. 

My kids will usually follow the instructions for the first build, then end up going rogue the next time and creating something completely different. They’ll often work together to create some kind of mega creation that ties all their different sets together. Craft supplies are a similar beast  – open-ended so kids can put their own spin on things. Slime kits and painting sets are always a safe bet. 

This year, I have purchased my 9-year-old daughter a mega art kit that includes watercolour and acrylic paints, brushes, "proper" drawing pencils, oil pastels, different kinds of paper, and a whole bunch of other art bits and pieces. I am super excited to see what she makes with it.

Check out 99 Bikes, your one-stop shop for kids' bikes and accessories this Christmas.  

Feature Image: 99 Bikes/Adreno/JB Hi-Fi/Instagram/@naomifoxall

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