9 of the best Christmas gift ideas to get the person who has everything.

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Can you believe it’s nearly December? I know we say this every year but seriously, I could have sworn I only just took down the twinkle lights from last year. That’s right, it’s time to dust off the backyard cricket set, renounce any shoes that don’t fit into the sandal or thong categories, and plan the perfect summer feast for a very merry Christmas day. 

But with Christmas comes shopping, and with shopping comes packed parking-lot meltdowns and 30-minute wait times in the food court to order your mid-shop sushi and smoothie. 

If you’re anything like me this year, your perfect shopping experience involves a couch, a hot beverage, and Suits re-runs playing in the background – now that’s my kind of Christmas spirit.

So, join me in opting out of the mall madness, and feast your eyes on this curated list of the perfect gifts for even the toughest Christmas cookie in your family jar.

Gifts for the home.

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Now, I am your classic Christmas overthinker. So, the best gift I give myself when I catch myself panicking about what to get Great Aunt Meg is to let the experts do the hard work for me. My first stop is always the National Product Review website to compare products, read trusted reviews, and find exactly where to buy the items I discover, for the best price.

My top pick from the NPR home cleaning category has to be the Electrolux Robot Vacuum. This little floor-cleaning ninja is ahead of its time, with both vacuum and mopping capabilities and comes equipped with Google Voice activation and a better memory than a mum with young kids (yes, me). That’s right, you can pop it back on the charging station and it will remember where it was up to! Bloody brilliant. 

Or maybe you have a master chef on your Christmas list. In that case, you want something that doesn’t take up too much space, and even better, does the work of three devices in one! Enter, the Tefal Easy Fry Grill and Steam XXL. It’s an air fryer, grill, and steamer all in one, making it my pick for kitchen appliance of the year. This device boasts a 6.5 litre capacity, capable of making 8 servings, which is perfect for when my sister and her kids come around for dinner.


Gifts for the mind.

Image: Booktopia, Amazon. 

If there’s one thing everyone needs for their summer break, it’s a good holiday read. And I can’t think of a book more fitting for the end of 2023 than Julia Baird’s latest, Bright Shining (available from Booktopia for $22.50). It’s a book about finding grace in some of the hardest places, and that is something we all need right now. 


Another winner on my list this year is the Wordle Party Game by Hasbro Games (snap it up from Amazon for just $23). My mum loves to start her day with the viral New York Times game on her phone, and if you have a Wordle fan in your midst, they’ll be delighted by the analogue version. The simple premise makes it a perfect game to whip out at Christmas Eve dinner after Uncle John has had a few (too many) Baileys Irish Creams. 

Gifts for the body.

Image: Twoobs, Aperçu, Francesca. 


I’m obsessed with these sandals from Aussie brand, Twoobs (get their OG+ for $169). They are mega comfy, and perfect for people with impossibly narrow feet like me. I’m always struggling to find a pair of sandals or slides that don’t slide straight back off my foot, so the velcro on these foamy feet cushions is a godsend.

And for the Gen-Z fashionista, perhaps opt for some impeccable shades like Aperçu’s Alyssa II in Sky, (on sale for just $147). These sunnies give perfect vintage Barbie vibes, and I can confirm that they’re currently in my shopping cart.

Now, nothing beats opening up a jewellery box on Christmas morning, and this Bobble Chain necklace from Francesca absolutely takes the fruit cake. The dainty gold chain will suit everyone, and it can be on the neck of someone you love for $129. 

Gifts for the soul.

Image: Frank Green, Apple. 


You simply cannot go wrong with the gift of perfectly chilled hydration in what is predicted to be a scorching summer!  This Frank Green 1 litre water bottle ($59.95) is a cult fave for a reason. I am utterly obsessed with mine and I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a borderline unhealthy attachment to theirs. 

Lastly, one of the best gifts I give myself each year is a subscription to the Calm App starting at $59.99 for an annual membership. It’s a meditation app that gets updated daily with new guided meditations, pieces of wisdom from incredible thinkers, sleep programs and even short, interactive activities to calm the mind and body. If someone you love has had it pretty tough this year, this might be the perfect thing for them.

Check out the National Product Review, your one-stop shop for your Christmas shopping this year. 

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