The Mamamia DIY Christmas Gift Guide.

This very serious looking cat in the santa outfit would like to point out that you should NEVER buy someone anything alive for Christmas. He is just an illustration.

Ho ho ho!

‘Tis the season to be jolly…. And stress about what to buy your mum, partner and your partner’s sister’s dog.

Because she calls her dog her ‘baby’ and you’re buying stuff for all your partner’s human nieces and nephews so……

Right then! Today we’re bringing you the Mamamia DIY Christmas Gift Guide. It’s a tradition that’s not as old as Santa, but just as important in the Mamamia community and for weeks now we’ve been listening to your calls for ‘HEEEELLLLLPPPP!’

So this is how it works. If you have someone in your life you need to buy a gift for – say, a 5-year-old niece – and you have no idea what 5-year-old girls are into, just leave a comment saying who you have to buy for – with any details about budget etc. Then those who DO have a clue about your gift dilemma can leave their suggestions on what to buy.

It’s not limited to family members. You can ask for suggestions for your friends, colleagues or even your kid’s gay pre-school teacher.

Here’s some examples from the Mamamia Team:

Lucy wants something for her boyfriend. It’s been six months. He likes cars.

Nat‘s in a Kris Kringle and needs to buy something for her boyfriend’s brother’s 23-yr-old girlfriend (who she’s never met).

And Mia needs something for her son. He’s 15. And she’s wondering if she can safely assume he knows Santa doesn’t exist and she might be off the hook? Is there a cut-off age for kids getting Xmas gifts?

Can you help?

We’re hoping you can – because otherwise Mia will be forced to buy her son a sparkly necklace from Mamamia Shopping.

And speaking of Mamamia Shopping (did someone say shameless plug? YES! WE DID!) here are some extra ideas that we are particularly fond of – all CO-INCIDENTALLY available from RIGHT HERE….and did we mention free shipping before xmas if you order this week? That: