Christmas Day in 11 steps: From the initial excitement to quitting your family forever.

Christmas Day is an epic (and often exhausting) emotional rollercoaster. And what better way to summarise it than with GIFs?

Merry Christmas everyone! (And why don’t you try to tick each of these off the list as the day wears on? It could be a fun drinking game…)


1. Initital excitement:



2. The realisation that this is actually a day filled with stress and effort:

funny christmas day jokes



3. Somebody has a cooking-related meltdown:

funny christmas day jokes


4. One of your relatives comments on your weight/clothing/job/love life within five minutes:

funny christmas day jokes

funny christmas day jokes


5. Everybody must fake enthusiasm at bad presents:

funny christmas day jokes

6. Someone brings a partner that nobody remembers/recognises:

funny christmas day jokes


7. One child/teen in the house will inevitably end up throwing a tantrum:


8. Someone will always bring up politics or talk about their weird new religion at the dinner table:


9. Food coma:


10. Someone will disappear when it’s time to clean up:


11. You and the only other sane person in the family decide that you’re not going to speak to any of these psychos anymore and that you need to stick together:

funny christmas day jokes


12. You quit your family and vow never to celebrate Christmas again:

funny christmas day jokes


What Christmas emotion would you add to the list?