Your complete Christmas and New Year's weather forecast.

There’s plenty about Christmas that’s predictable: the overeating, the over drinking, your uncle’s bad jokes, Nan’s dense pudding, Love, Actually…

About the only thing serving up the surprises is the weather.

But never fear, we’ve got your festive forecast all laid out, so you know whether to plan to bust out the brolly or the barbie this weekend — and over New Year’s.

We sourced the Christmas forecasts courtesy of the Bureau of Meteorology, and New Year forecasts via AccuWeather.


Christmas Day: 27C. Shower or two (1-4mm).
Boxing Day: 28C. Shower or two (0-3mm).
New Year’s Eve: 30C. Mostly cloudy, scattered showers.
New Year’s Day: 30C. Scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly early on.


Christmas Day: 29C. Possible shower later in the day (0-2mm).
Boxing Day: 30C. Partly cloudy.
New Year’s Eve: 28C. Morning thunderstorm or two.
New Year’s Day: 28C. Sunny.


Christmas Day: 31C. Medium chance of showers (1-3mm).
Boxing Day: 33C. Partly cloudy, medium chance of showers (0-2mm).
New Year’s Eve: 27C. Showers (13mm).
New Year’s Day: 30C. Mostly sunny.

christmas 2016 weather
What Melburnians will be doing this Christmas. Image: iStock.


Christmas Day: 30C. Sunny.
Boxing Day:  36C. Windy, sunny.
New Year's Eve: 26C. Periods of rain (7mm).
New Year's Day: 26C. Clouds clearing.


Christmas Day: 25C. Partly cloudy.
Boxing Day: 26C. Partly cloudy, possible shower developing (0-1mm).
New Year's Eve: 20C. Morning shower, cloudy.
New Year's Day: 22C. Cloudy with a little rain.


Christmas Day: 37C. Mostly sunny.
Boxing Day: 40C. Very hot, partly cloudy.
New Year's Eve: 26C. Cloudy with scattered showers (1mm).
New Year's Day: 27C. Clouds clearing.


Christmas Day: 33C. Partly cloudy.
Boxing Day: 26C. Partly cloudy.
New Year's Eve: 26C. Mostly sunny.
New Year's Day: 27C. Mostly sunny.


Christmas Day: 32C. Shower or two (1-4mm), possible storm.
Boxing Day: 33C. Shower or two (1-6mm), possible storm.
New Year's Eve: 34C. Cloudy with showers (10mm).
New Year's Day: 34C. Cloudy, with a couple of showers early on (1mm).

*Forecasts correct as of December 20. After that, you're on your own.