Christie Hayes comes clean about the struggles behind her picture-perfect marriage.

It is no secret that Instagram filters real life with more than the provision of alternative colours.

Aussie actress and mum of one Christie Hayes has revealed her picture-perfect relationship with husband Daniel White is not all it seems.

Hayes, 29, has detailed the rough patch the couple endured, after the birth of their son Hendrix in October 2014, in an intimate Instagram post.

“Daniel and I fought A LOT when our first son, Hendrix, was born,” she wrote.

The post comes amid a flurry of wedding photos capturing the special day she and White tied the knot in late August, after several years together.


Hayes said she wanted to remind followers they, like everybody else, experience difficulties in their relationship.

“Don’t want to try give this instagram’y picturesque perception we are not just a normal couple who have happy times and shit times. We do,” she said.

The former Home and Away star shared the story behind one particular ongoing fight.

“Parenthood was something we both wanted and tried for, but we had a constant fight I want to share with you, because maybe it’s more normal than I thought… maybe you might be a new parent going through it too” she said.

“We fought a lot about when to feed the baby.”

“I gave Hendy boobie but didn’t breastfeed for too long (for a few reasons) and so, we fought about who was right. I screamed that I was, and he did the same.”

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Hayes said she gave Hendrix, now aged one, the bottle too often when he cried to try to appease him.

White was said to have taken a different approach.

“Daniel obviously had his own tool of coping with a crying baby which was the night drives, the late night walks, the patience I wish I had,” she said.

She ended with the hope her confession would give new parents a sense they were not alone.


The post has skyrocketed since it was uploaded to Instagram on Thursday night.

Fans have flooded the image of Christie and Daniel with support and expressions of thanks.

“I stressed so much with my first.. my husband was cruisy as. Its nice to know how many women go through the same thing,” one fan said.

“So true and real! Well said! Parenthood is very rewarding but that first year is so tough on any couple. Well done for coming through it stronger,” another fan said.

Feature image via Instagram: @christiehayes_

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