You can now buy Christian Louboutin baby shoes with a red sole. We wish we were joking.

For all those times you dressed your baby and resented the fact you couldn’t don their tiny feet in designer Louboutins, your baby’s perfect feet now have the shoes they deserve.

Because designer baby Christian Louboutins are here, and you can thank purveyor of all things good, affordable and realistic – Gwyneth Paltrow, of course – for their invention.

In collaboration with Paltrow’s Goop, the brand is releasing a range of baby shoes that will come with their signature red sole.

The collection, aptly named Loubibaby – because no good brand name ever came from not blending two words together – will feature a classic Mary Jane design and are said to be released on November 16th, setting you back about AU$320. Ahem.

In an interview with Footwear News, Paltrow said it has been something she has been interested in doing for some time.

“Goop’s fashion ethos has always centered on trendless quality. It was an honor to work with Christian and his team to design the quintessential collection of fall classics.”

Congratulations to all the babies who are now the new target market for trendless quality and fall classics. It's absurd your tiny, growing feet have been ignored for so long.

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