5 times that Chrissy Teigen's approach to pregnancy was bang on point.

Chrissy Teigen tells it how it is – especially when it comes to pregnancy. (Source: Getty.)

Chrissy Teigen has been refreshingly real about her experience with pregnancy. This is practically a public service, when one considers the army of smug, pregnant celebrities who assure us that they still feel super sexy while only crave apples.

Instead, Teigen is the wise-cracking mum we want to befriend at pre-natal classes… especially because it sounds like she’d have the best snacks on hand.

Truth 1: Everything stinks when you’re pregnant.

According to Us Weekly, Teigen has experienced a heightened sense of smell, and no-one is spared from her olfactory observations. Her husband, musician John Legend said, “She tells me my breath smells more!”

"Babe, your breath..." Chrissy Teigen with her husband, John Legend. (Source: Instagram, @chrissyteigen)

Think about it: Legend, who famously croons All of Me in his smash hit song is a man whose life's calling is to make sweet things come out of his mouth. And Teigen say that it stinks. It takes guts to say that, and boy, Chrissy's got 'em.

Truth 2: It's a baby bump, not a burger bump (maybe).

Teigen is the currently on the cover of InStyle Australia and she's pictured cradling her baby bump. Of this, she quipped: "I know, I made fun of preggos who hold their bellies too but it's basically the universal language for 'this isn't solely hamburgers'."

Chrissy Teigen cradles her baby bump on the cover of InStyle Australia. (Source: Instagram, @chrissyteigen)

Note Teigen's cunning use of language here: she says "solely". Like us (OK, me), she also can't stop gobbling hamburgers during pregnancy. But there is still a baby in there too, we swear.

Truth 3. Babies are not the same size as fruit or vegetables.

Here's the strange thing about pregnancy books and apps. Each week, the size of one's baby is compared to a fruit or vegetable. For example, this week a pregnancy app told me, "your baby weighs about as much as a mango".

(Are you craving something sweet yet healthy? Try our green smoothie recipe. Post continues after video.) 


Of this phenomenon, Teigen tweeted: "The most annoying part of pregnancy is the fruit and veg shit. 'Your baby is 6 inches. A pineapple!' What the fuck grocery store we at?"

She's right, of course. All the talk about fruit and veggies is very confusing. It's cute at first, when the baby is declared to be the same size as a sesame seed. That's universally understood to mean "tiny". But once the comparisons veer into carrot, cucumber, pineapple and mango territory, it just gets strange.

I mean, what sort of mango is my baby supposed to resemble? A giant Kensington Pride, or one of those skinny, weird green ones that I never buy? Just use a ruler, dammit!

Truth 4. Body changes are freaky.

And it doesn't stop with fruit, Teigen is completely frank about the strange pregnancy changes that have occurred to her body. "My nipples are all sorts of weird," she said on her TV talk show, FABLife. Finally: a model who doesn't go on about how her boobs are even more perfect and nutritious during pregnancy. Preach about the nipple weirdness, girl!

Truth 5. Pregnancy cravings aren't always healthy.

Like any good pregnant woman, Teigen will defend her right to snack with the force of a thousand bottles of Tabasco sauce. Early in her pregnancy, Teigen posted a photo to Instagram of her hungry mouth hovering over a bowl of rainbow-coloured cereal.

Chrissy Teigen with her rainbow cereal. (Source: Instagram, @chrissyteigen)

The haters appeared swiftly: "Don't feed your baby that dyed crap," hissed one commenting troll. Teigen then hit back with this tweet: "If you wanna give me unsolicited baby advice on the damn cereal I eat/what I wear you better unlock your profile so I can see your perfection".

She then joked that she was "gonna try to dye my tuna actually. Then have an icy, dyed vodka soda and that's just lunch." Yep, Teigen's definitely not a "I'm only craving iced water" kinda woman.

What's your pregnancy truth?

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