Model Chrissy Teigen live-tweets nightmare flight after "suspicious" airport mix-up.

For most, flying eight hours and landing exactly where you took off would be an inconvenience. A nightmare.

But, for model-come-detective Chrissy Teigen, it was an opportunity to uncover hidden identities and expose an international government conspiracy… well, something like that.

The 32-year-old was travelling with her husband, singer John Legend, and their daughter, one-year-old Luna, from Los Angeles to Tokyo for the holidays when their plane was forced to turn around mid-flight because an “unauthorised” passenger was on board.

Teigen live-tweeted the whole experience and it goes from questioning the effectiveness of the “badoop” boarding pass scanners, to the government locking people in rooms and dulling their minds with Real Housewives. 

Utterly genius.

It starts like this:


Then, she begins questioning the person. Apparently the individual boarded the wrong flight – the wrong airline, even.

What happened? Chrissy asks. Why can’t the “suspect” just be sent back to the US after the plane lands in Tokyo? WHO IS THE PERSON?


Soon, Teigen starts morphing into Sherlock Holmes. She wants answers, damnit. And confirms, once more, she really is the people’s favourite celeb.



Despite her best snooping efforts, Teigen said police were questioning the individual – and those that sat next to him on the plane – but that they wouldn’t tell her anything.



Finally, she realises the whole situation is really, much bigger than she thought.

That the entire government is clearly involved in a cover-up. And she’s being kept in ‘rooms’ with dodgy television shows and being fed ramen because the higher-ups are worried she’s going to “BLOW THE LID OF THIS SITCH”.

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Well, obviously.



And, at the end of it all, she drops this – a sentiment to which anyone who’s ever been stuck in an airport can relate – “we live here now”.

Well played, Chrissy. Well played.